Newborn Infants Clothing Accessories

Giyeceklerini must be prepared before the birth of your baby. Such confinement devrenizdeki to act fairly can reduce tiredness. In fact, the young mother, the baby can not be expected unless the behavior is so natural to him to prepare something. Pregnancy 6 Starting in speeding up these preparations are suitable. The main principle applies here, the child's giyeceklerinin soft, water can absorb, is washable and kaynatılabilen sex.

Baby's Underwear

Woven cotton underwear is best for your baby's glands. During the summer scarf, opal, or calico, flannel in the winter use.

Çamaşırlardaki softness of fabrics to ensure the need to wash once or twice before planting. Newborn 1-2 months of age a child should not giyebileceği laundry or a large number of fancy giyeceklerini. Shortly after the baby because they will be small. Cloth and zıbınlarını, use a longer time than the other goodies.


Urine thick and easily capable of cheesecloth arabezinin for your child to use the first few months is very convenient. These cloths 60x70 cm. wide and planted at least 25 to one. If you are possibilities even more, increase this number in mind on track yıkayamayacağın cloth.


Must be made ​​of cheesecloth or a thick shroud of the child mermerşahiden. The first 6-months is enough for the baby.

Infants Zibi

Should be made ​​of flannel or cotton knit. (At least 6 seed). A newcomer to the world, long-sleeved shirts and long sleeves during the day yavrunuza a zıbından giydirmeyiniz another thing. Zibi Winter on a second dress is sufficient. Especially in the winter months for your baby üşütmemek, dress shirts and zıbını intertwined in their mouths a little bit before it would be appropriate heating.

Umbilical cord

Increased in recent years, the number of those who advanced the umbilical bond is unnecessary. Still facing the doctor will give your baby the right decision on this subject. However, the child of parents who want to prepare them for the umbilical cord up to 10 dikmelidir. Size 1 to 1.5 m. 5-6 cm in width. umbilical cord with cotton fabric, knitted or may cheesecloth. One time, after you use the hot iron ütülenmeli welded and roll turned into the baby's cloths cabinet should be removed.

Cheesecloth Wipes

Muslin wipes are suitable to prepare at least 8-10 one.


2 there is enough stock for their children will.


During the summer months and the house will not be required in the title. Very cold weather is not cold weather, cotton or fine wool titles and also ones made ​​of thick wool giydirmelisiniz.

Placing the baby arabezinin

Arabezini triangular folding and baby to place the cloth laid on it. Baby's legs from the groin through each floor of the cloth over one of the folding and wrapping the sides locked on the two ends of the abdomen with a needle attached to hooks. Another way this issue is as follows: Cloth tripled placed lengthwise, instead of the lower half of the doubles. Fabric is passed between the legs and the rear section with a needle attached to hooks on the sides. Thick cloth on the front part of boys, girls must come from the back side.

When the child opened six

Children 15-20 times a day they do urine. A mother of six children who wet it wouldn 'tries to open the bottom of the baby 15 times a day, what remains in the comfort of the child, nor the mother. So how to do this job is more appropriate? Before your child is required to open the bottom of each breast. However, the bottom, ıslatırlar emerlerken babies breast. To do this you must look at the bottom of each breast after the baby one more time. You could ask the question to mind: "How is sucking at the breast even if gold ıslatıyormuş child, so why the extra cloth before the stain nurse?» You are right, but some babies do not receive the six wet breast around yourself how hard you try. To prevent your baby from the breast before the bottom of this öğütlemekteyiz change. Heart's belly, the baby's stomach full of vomit easily. Very uğraşırsanız sleep escapes this time. Comfortable bed, a comfortable sleeping child suddenly begins to cry, that are likely to be six-soaked, then you must change the glands.

Glands in the baby's dirty washing

Glands in the dirty washing is very important. Contaminated before the wet cloth. To do this, you must obtain a separate container. Kakalı bezlerse ago, after being cleaned with cold water leaving the container is placed ıslatılmak. Make sure to break down once a day glands.

Washing should be as follows: Islatılmak glands to squeeze in a boiling cup pass deposited. After adding a little soap powder container filled with water and boiled for at least 15-20 minutes. After that, all the glands, a few times to make sure that the soap is passed through water and dried thoroughly. Glands sarardığından time, it washing water can be used to prevent too often not to be, but then dt, ulamaya too much care must be taken. I also remember, the major drawbacks of using your baby's glands are ironing. Hot iron to kill germs, think that there is no need to say again here. In addition, the soft iron, would be more then that you know the glands, a little tiring for your baby, even if we believe that this difficulty kaçınmayacağınıza.

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