Infants stock, stock diapers and half-stock

Swaddling Baby Diaper

Patiskadan poplin or can be made. Gland is the most appropriate size 50x50 cm stock.
All you can do yourself, like this saydıklarımızı, ready to get on.
In the meantime, the child should be considered giydirirken appropriate to remind here that we find some points.

Many parents, children show a special effort to üşümemesi. Some upgrading of the room temperature, with whom he dresses in layers. All this done as there is no benefit, on the contrary, the loss of ability to comply with the child's body temperature leads to the outside. Indeed, it would be grown in poor conditions of children and never get rid of the disease. On the other hand, too hot, the baby's body can lead to rash. On the contrary the child 'resistant' to do so makes no sense at chill. The most accurate way in the normal way as described above giydirmektir child. If the child's legs are cold, his face the color of dimmed, may be coming at giydirilenler.
Some mothers try to figure out the temperature of the hands of children üşümediklerini üşüyüp. This will never not be an accurate measure.

Baby Swaddling

In many countries, the full stock has not gone completely. Today, half-stock used. In other words, the full stock so-called 'a kind of torture device', now halfway kundağa place in man. Full stock formerly used in Turkey too. Mothers or grandmothers who read these lines, the full fore-end instrument of torture for benzettiğimiz kınayabilirler us. But giving away too much now that the science now, why exactly is the fore-end infant and child rash terlettiğini proved unnecessary. Full stock fund, such as many of the mother the baby is not helpful in having smooth legs. If growing children kundaksız always had these types of disorders, many advanced countries have already applied and bırakılırdı years.
In addition, full stock, is claimed to increase the rate of congenital hip dislocation seen.

How-to half stock

Baby on the table has been prepared previously deposited on the stock kits. (Arabezi on the table, under the small cloth-napkin-wrapping or leg, it has been prepared under the original napkin). Zibi and the baby is pushed up jacket. Arabezinin bottom ends of the legs folded in the form of the triangle between the groin after being folded toward each other. Brought the two ends facing each other on the abdomen. In the meantime, many times a child bends her legs, one hand while holding baby's legs, on the other hand the small swaddling cloth wraps around the child's legs. Then wrapped with a big napkin. Zibi is pulled down, but no longer is pushed upwards and connects to the rear ends. Young mothers! Now maybe you read these lines, much like a puzzle. No need to worry about in any way. Not far in a day or two you will learn them in the best way. In the meantime, your mind could ask the question: "Are we better if I put tarp between the two stock gland?» He. Maybe it is easier for you, but in terms of your baby's health is not very suitable. Because your baby get wet a little more than rags, the child's scalp will be worth in the wet section. However, the tarp between the two stock gland at least, pulls moisture from the outer dry napkin. In this way, the child's skin to remain dry is also provided. If you are frequently changing the child's bottom. We think this will not be a big problem for you. Half a stock is usually used in the first month.

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