(Anxiety) Natural Treatment

Natural Treatment of anxiety

Natural Tedavi'ye, according to the blood vessels and nerves of anxious people would be numb and stiff. As a result, the free circulation of blood and nerves-şamaz. For this reason, the body is reduced or interrupted flow of life force. The source of life to slow down the flow of the body's resistance to germs and viruses, reduces. The most extreme conditions caused by anxiety and fear that many yoğunsa, blocking the flow of resources in life can lead to death.

What is the treatment of anxiety?

Natural Treatment for the treatment of anxiety, relaxation techniques, support for family and friends, exercise and diet recommends. Severe and long-term concerns, mental health experts may need to get different treatments. Relaxation exercises, fresh air, sunny, calm, quiet and natural foods to eat to make a pleasant environment is important. In addition, the stress and pressure environments need to develop methods of self-control to stay calm.

Self-control: control concern only the absolute (exact) method to relax. Terms and conditions leading to worries and opportunities to analyze and define solutions. Solution that you think is most appropriate for you to adapt and try to exhibit positive behavior.

Support: Family and friends who receive support provides temporary relief, but you can not treat and prevent anxiety. Identify problems and find solutions for their assistance and support should take. This support is also engaged in other areas of interest allows you to find and zihnizi other positive activities.

Physical therapy: air, water, mud, and especially yoga exercises, relaxation is very effective in developing a concept for the right.

Exercise: Ekersizler blood circulation, cleanses the blood vessels and nerves in normal conditions keeps. It also prevented the accumulation of this eksersizlerle blood in the brain and other organs.

Deep breathing: relaxation is one of the most effective methods. Sitting or lying down, both the nose or nose deliklerinizi deliğinizle can change. One must learn the correct method of Skilled. You can not see any benefit if you apply the correct methodically. Deep breathing morning empty stomach, just before going to sleep or stressed out during the day, you feel tired, irritable or apply.

Water and mud treatments also very effective in the release of geveşeme and nerves.

Sleeping: sleep through the night, between six and eight hours to earn back the energy you spend during the day. Regular meditation, shavasana (a kind of yoga) and deep breathing to help you sleep better oalcaktır applications. Dinner is two to three hours after losing sleep and food you will need to sindirildikten.

Music: Many studies show that accelerates the healing process and sakinleştirdiği mind listening to soft music.

Diet: As with all health problems, gives special importance to the natural treatment diet. Unnatural and processed foods in the body "toxins" caused by an increase in the need to avoid them. These toxins contaminate the blood and reduces the effectiveness of most organs in the body. Natural foods should be preferred.

Anxiety often leads to difficulty in digestion. This is because the digestive secretions of the digestive system and decrease çiğnenmemesi very good food. Regardless of how much food you are getting most of the time due to digestive problems, sluggish hissersiniz yourself.

Excess starch, protein, and should avoid taking other oils, because they adversely affect the chemical process. Potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron-rich foods, eat. Pickles, you should avoid foods containing additives such as spices.

Natural Food Specialist doctor a few days of fasting for the removal of toxins in the body may propose or fruit juice diet.

Concern for the Water and Sludge Treatment

The following treatment methods, relaxation and irritation of the nerves yatıştırmasında useful.

Neutral bathroom: The body temperature of warm (92-95 F) in a bath tub filled with water lie between half an hour time. Neutral bathroom calms the nerves and thus provides calming and relaxation.

Wet sheet wrap: the body in a sheet soaked in cold water on the orient and a blanket wrap. This is dressing to stay between 30 and 45 minutes to calm the entire body and mind.

Cold water: cold water bath for 2-3 minutes, do all your body. Cold water bath provides relief by relaxing the nerve endings in the skin.

Hot and cold water applications: hot water for 5-10 minutes after you apply hot water tapping back 15 to 20 seconds, cold water will follow the relaxation.

Cold spinal bath: a tube filled with cold water only in contact with your back, lie down with cold water. The backbone of the cold bath for 20-35 minutes per day of relaxation in addition to the strengthening of the nervous system.

Foot-bath: Alternate hot and cold foot bath also is an effective relaxation technique. After holding the feet in hot water for three minutes and 30 seconds to get cold water. Pour the water into the water, or apply for the same time putting.

Warm bath: A warm bath before you sleep you will receive will relax and sleep better.

Cold bandage: Your hands are cold bandage applied on the neck and provides relaxation.
Walking: Walking barefoot in the snow or wet areas in the brain, clogging and leads to relaxation.

Massage: All of body massage relaxes the muscles and nerves.

Mud bath: body, mind, relaxes the application of mud bath twice a week.

Blue light: The blue light in the bedroom and the mind relaxes apply.

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