4-Month Baby Nutrition Care

Feeding the baby of 4 months, 4 Months Infant Nutrition and Care

Important event in the fourth month, the child starts with the egg. In previous years, the egg would have to wait a year to begin. The doctors of today is no longer the egg is a very valuable nutrient for children 3-4. do not see any objection to giving the months. Only a small difference between the egg at the time and the current administration there. That is to say: In the past years given raw or soft-boiled eggs, as today is thoroughly cooked. Cooked egg yolk until it becomes tough kid, a coffee before starting groin is increasing steadily. Some sensitive children, itching, rash, urticaria, such as allergic symptoms. Then remove from the list of must eat eggs for a while. However, his allergy is a rare fully-cooked egg yolk. Egg normally accept children 7-8. months, as may be cooked in egg whites. The way you want your child is a year old, raw, boiled or cooked eggs can. However, definitely not give your baby the freshness of the egg do not trust.

4. month food list and hours:

Milk Time 06:00.
10:00 am Vegetable puree, sweetened yogurt or milk. 14.00, Milk.
18.00, custard, fruit puree, the puree, custard or pudding before you can put them on. Milk Time 22:00.

Meanwhile, almost See also specify that the hours shown above a sleeping child, the food came from the time he would not stir up many a correct behavior. For instance, clock 06:00 at a sleeping child "milk time» he uyandırılmamalıdır came. Children wake up in the breast or the bottle's mouth is not the right prop, a period of time should be left to himself to play.

4 If you are feeding your baby with cow's milk month, 2 / 3 milk, 1 / 3 of a mixture of water use in the form. 18 or 10 o'clock the egg custard with vegetable puree or can.

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