Ankylosing spondylitis and arthritis disease

This is a form of inflammatory arthritis, affecting mostly young men. 'Ankylosing' word, the eclipse, the means and 'spondylitis' means affecting the spinal omurlarını. In this case, a person with ankylosing spondylitis, and pain in his back will be kept.

Generally, the pelvis (pelvic bone) and the lower back side of the backbone of the inflamed joints irtibatlandıran starts. The disease progresses, the upper portion of the spinal column inflammation spreads to the hip and knee joints. Initial stages of a significant increase of pain at night, but many male patients in the early morning hours of excruciating pain if the extent, standing up and leaning out of bed, such as the fingertips touch the pain exercises dindirdiğini says. Sometimes the eyes are inflamed and kanlanır; must be treated immediately to prevent permanent hasan.

The disease is usually the normal course of five years is followed by a period of twenty years, but in rare cases, the patient gradually becomes heavier and is almost back up to warp and are not allowed to return. Very severe cases can lead to injury and is largely deformed in the backbone.

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