Gout and rheumatoid arthritis

rheumatism two distinguished British expert, Dr. And Dr. Malcolm Jayson. Allan Dixon, gut a 'snob' disease is described as, because the rich, successful, aggressive and intelligent people is more common in a-ras─▒nda! It claims to describe the traditional diet of fish and vegetables, leaving the way red meat, bread, sugar and dairy products, including adopting the Western diet, have used the story of New Zealand's indigenous Maori. Maori natives of this diet was changed to become overweight, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, and above all showed the tendency of developing gout.

However, port wine and pheasant meat to consume a large amount of gutta caused by the old belief is wrong. Gut, in excessive amounts in the blood uric acid in the joints, especially the small toe sivrili─činde needle crystals by creating painful joints make the grade is the result of torture. These crystals can also be seen under the skin. Sometimes the breast occurs in the ear and look like little white pimples. (Rheumatoid arthritis)

Liver, kidney and sweetbread, such as avoiding foods that increase the amount of uric acid in the blood and excess amount will lead to a crisis, meat and alcohol consumed in a reasonable extent. But the gut, especially prevalent among men, although a successful anti-inflammatory drugs can be controlled and not expected to damage the affected joints.

After inflammation is under control, to keep a low level of acid is usually another drug such as allopurinol.

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