Rheumatology Bone and Muscles

Everything about the bones and joints

How they work and why are important

Bones and muscles

Musculo-skeletal system is a wonderful and complex mechanism. Skeleton consists of 206 bones and skeletal muscle by 650 sarmalanıp they moved.

The bones of the skeleton (see Figure 1) is divided into two main groups: extra-SENSEL skeleton, or the body's axis, so that the bones of the spine thorax (chest bone and ribs), covers and extra skeleton, organs, bones that are attached to the axial skeleton. At the top of the skull is composed of eight different bones of the spine.
There are three types of muscle:

Allows the body's voluntary movements of skeletal muscles.
Heart to heart muscle is special.
Smooth muscle, such as stomach and bağırsaktakiler.

Skeletal muscles, bones and muscles to move the task of brain at any time. I usually make two copies, one of the other kasılırken relax.

Most of the muscles from the bone bonds; 'root' is attached to the bone does not move anywhere, 'extensions' acting is where the bone is connected to the tendons. Part of the tapered end of the muscle tendon to bone meet.

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