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1 - tuberculosis (TB), breast, breast feed her child in any way. On the other hand, give him the mother of a child with TB is very dangerous. However, four months after the child vaccinated (the vaccine is kept) is allowed to grant mother's side. If the child is the victim of mother-ayrılmazsa then you will most likely means that ignorance.

2 - the mother's severe and chronic (long lasting) if you have a disease, in this case to give the baby milk is not true. As an example, heart and kidney diseases, cancer, diabetes-sugar-heavy, severe kansızlıklar shown. In such cases, "milk-making» the job, according to disturb the mother's status is prohibited.

3 - Anne at the end of pregnancy or immediately after birth is kept in an infectious disease (measles, chicken pox, scarlet fever, typhoid, etc.) should not breast again. If the mother colds, minor illnesses such as influenza, people should wash their hands held, or even alcohol or delete kolonyayla, the mask covering mouth and nose should breast.

4 - are not suitable to give the breast milk of breast-feeding her baby in the future as described-again search for useful ways. However, advanced breast iltihaplanırsa (abscess) mamayla verilmeyip child nutrition should be a temporary period. In such cases, the breasts should be noted that the evacuation. The disease may start to breastfeed when I moved again.

Baby breastfeeding mothers Recommendations

We think the best advice can be given here, the best protection of the mother's nervous, sad, frustrating events durmasıdır away. Attention to the mother's milk is not reduced and even completely disappear over time. First of all, the parents should be aware of breast anlattıklarımıza above.

Avoid the things that upset you, to walk in the open air, many parents like "Is that one ends up at work from morning till night dolaşalım» meaning. On the air move to correct your nerves, increase resistance to fatigue of the day. I have to look at yourself as needed, and good things your child can make a lot more. As long as drugs, make sure you get your baby emzirdiğiniz. Some drugs in the child passes through milk and dangerous consequences. Milk should avoid taking these drugs as long as you give. Non-smokers, mothers who use alcohol offered and should avoid such habits. Because these substances can easily pass the child. Cigarette and alcohol, at least for a period of leave. To leave entirely, of course, is the most accurate, but until now how many parents, as required öğütüne fit the doctor's this? We also would like to reduce the extent of possibilities for we know it. Also, quit asking for this kind of work habits, such as already mentioned, the milk at disrupting the nerves and leads to bad results, which may lead to discontinuation. For this effort will to be a smooth forcing.

As for nutrition: There is no hesitation in eating all kinds of food. Drink plenty of vegetables, fruit and all types of meat can be eaten. 1 kg. add milk or yogurt to your daily eating plenty of fruit juice, compote, compote drink your milk quantity and quality rises. However, here you will be more than a öğüdümüz. That is to say:

Some dishes are a shortage of gas or your baby cries after eating this, your child may mean that it is uncomfortable meals. Thinking about what you eat with milk, will pass the child should avoid eating things that will bother him. If you suffer from getting fat, then reduce the amount of cooking fat and carbohydrate foods (desserts, bakery ingredients), try not to show interest.

Weak at those who say that your advice is necessary to give just the opposite. Increase the amount of fat and carbohydrate foods öğütlenebilir waning mothers.

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