Relationship Between Asthma and Allergy

Allergy of the body, many people overreact to a substance that does not damage the shows. Free bünyeliler, these substances, called allergens or germs showed a reaction similar to poison react.

Healthy body, collectively, the immune system against germs and other substances that may be harmful to a complex called "organ, cell and meringue" protected network. This is one of the most important elements in the system, permanently protecting the interests of the foreign occupiers of white blood cells. These cells are foreign to the body evokes the impression that when confronted with a microplate produce antibodies. Antibodies to a protein, foreign material and parts wraps. Childhood diseases in humans, only once in their lifetime due to their arrest, the bodies of large amounts of antibodies against viruses that cause these diseases is stored. Our bodies, many antibodies are deposited in the occupier. Common illnesses such as flu and colds yakalanmamızın reason, continuous change and development of these diseases that create viruses. Each of the body to produce antibodies against the flu and flu disease in need of the time.

The problem of allergic individuals, the immune system, against harmless substances such as pollen or food, the unwanted reaction shows işgalcilermişçesine.
White cells enter into the madness of producing antibody / antibodies, mast cells adhere.

Outer surfaces of membranes of these cells in the gland and are extensions contain histamine and other substances, as well as. The invading allergen, these antibodies are passed cells, captures invaders. But in the meantime antibody is attached to mast cells, histamine secretion pieces.

Asthma, allergic reactions are one. Depends on other diseases such as hay fever and eczema and asthma patients seen in a section of these diseases. But the reaction in the skin, as eczema, hay as well as colds in the nose or lungs such as asthma, although that event, the same. Food allergies can also be seen in people with diarrhea or swelling of the lips.
And a kind of fatal allergic reaction called Anaflaksis, so often seen. Deep in this case, a shock-like swelling of the airways as well as blood pressure drops and the other loves to strut. Anaflaksise secreted by mast cells with histamine and slow reacting substance anaftaksisin called "material causes.

Free bünyeliler, are susceptible to harmless substances lead to? The answer is not known exactly, is thought to be related to inheritance. Mother, father or siblings, hay fever, eczema or asthma in the subjects, the allergic reactions that are likely to occur. However, all the members with a family or twin brothers, both seen, not necessarily.
Inherit a particular allergy to substance, and not through a tendency to create allergies. Mother or father, for example, is allergic to milk or fish, allergic physique does not mean that children show sensitivity to this substance. The child may be allergic to eggs or bristles.

Understanding the power is another feature of asthma, or kaybolabilmesidir begin at any age. Most asthma patients, yakalanmalarına disease at a young age, but asthma can be captured in one of the middle-aged. Despite the loss of young asthmatic patients in many of the disease in some cases, the disease in his youth, 10-20 years is lost, then resurfaces.
Without any visible cause asthma and other allergic reactions that come and go at irregular intervals, scientists suggest. The emergence and disappearance of allergy, may be due to changes in hormone balances. These changes in the person's particular childhood, youth and maturity during the first intensive. However, a definitive conclusion has been reached on this issue

Skin tests, allergic reactions to people who never shows the entire yitirmediklerini. A person allergic to a substance, not show symptoms for years, no allergies, the substance when given under the skin of the allergic skin test, allergy is the show going. Skin tests, people had not bothered with before, but may also indicate the presence of sensitivities that may in the future.

Scientists now devotes more time for research on allergies. In this research, many previously kuşkulanılmayan substance may be allergenic and can cause asthma attacks reveals. Pollen, asthma and hay fever is caused by one of the first allergens. Pollen of each plant is unique and the people allergic to pollen of a plant, may not respond to other bitkilerinkine. Tree and grass pollens, the most common alerjenlerdir. Food allergens are eggs, and fish may be known for a long time. However, milk, citrus fruits and nuts can cause allergic reactions. Medicines and foods to be allergens in the recent past have participated in the list of possible substances. Many of these substances, are determined to cause allergic reactions and asthma. Asthma, penicillin, aspirin and food additives tartrazine and sulfur dioxide put items need to be careful about use. People who had difficulty breathing after taking aspirin or itching, headaches later, you must take other medications that do not cause these problems. Only 1 in every 100 people who are allergic to aspirin. However, doctors, aspirin induced asthma, how much stress can easily tie, easily understandable. Allergenic property Aspirin has determined, until the stress is causing headaches, asthma is caused to assume that seemed more consistent.

Recent research led to the identification of such problematic substances in parts of the allergen. For example, houses the most important cause of asthma in the past, was thought to be dust. Then the researchers in the tiny insect dust, allergens, dust itself is much more determined. Then 95% of the problem, were caused by this insect feces. This matter the size of the pollen dust, air currents can easily be spread to the environment.

Similarly kürkündeki cat allergen substance, not the cat's fur hairs left on the secretion were determined. However, those allergic to fruits, seeds not to eat will see if the problem decreased. Because the nuclei, the rest of the fruit was determined that more allergens.

Allergy subject, and surprisingly complex for both patients and doctors. In contrast, only partly explain the causes of asthma.

Stress and other factors of asthma

Doctors traditionally asthma stress, or sadness is caused by nerve düşünmüşlerdir. Known allergies, and lost time from an incomprehensible way possible to explain this disease was not seen otherwise. Even before the crisis is not in the patient's stress, stress during the crisis that varsayılabilirdi.
Medicine, recently concluded that asthma is the main cause of the allergy. Stress, an additional reason may be the last straw, but it is not a main cause of the disease.

However, emotional shocks, can play an important role in asthma is clear. One of the most powerful emotions, fear. Strong in a crisis, the patient wakes up feeling boğulabileceği. This fear, it may take until the next crisis. The next crisis, even if less serious, is an equally strong fear, may aggravate the crisis.
Exams, conflicts at work, at home, emotional upheaval, asthma attacks experienced before, the typical emotional jolts. In order, to experience tremors of this kind is also known to cause fear.
Stress the relationship between asthma, asthma alerjiyle to the relationship between the complex. Most asthma patients, a crisis of fear or anger ağırlaştıracağından hear concern. However, asthma, alone does not cause negative feelings. Some people with shortness of breath, smile emerges. Stress can cause a crisis in the short continuation. A famous doctor, car reviews while the crisis had begun. Height of a hill, the vehicle's control of the car vitesini geçiremeyince, died. Down the hill when the asthma attack had passed under the control of the tool again. On the other hand, some asthmatics, listen to music or watch a program on television as well as a pleasant emotional experiences, they believe contributes to asthma crises pass.
The main problem related to stress, affects the actual breath is taken. We take a deep breath more often and not Heyecanlanınca. This is the way to breathing problems related alerjiyle merged, even güçleştirecektir breathing.

Order, breathing changes, can cause crises. Laughter, the changes is a good example. Sudden changes in diet, exercise or heat, can lead to crises. Contacts, especially in the sudden cold weather, should be careful. Again, this factor is open to anyone affected by the order to breathe. However, asthmatic patients are sensitive to the respiratory tract, bronchus is more likely to be affected.

As a result, how much is wrong to suggest that asthma is a psychological disease, so the only defense is a physical illness is wrong. Many diseases, both in the brain and the body

caused. This is especially true for diseases involving the immune system. The minds of people who are tired or nervous, easily caught colds or the flu to what extent, izlemişsinizdir. Karşıyayızdır against colds and flu viruses is an important part of our lives. However, these viruses, our immune system affect the poor have fallen recently.

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