What Is Asthma Disease Difficulties

Approximately 5 percent of asthmatics do not respond fully to conventional asthma treatment. The symptoms of the patients given high doses of Cortisone spray and / or oral form, and although the maximum breath-breaking drug treatment would not be able to control, patients often enter the crisis from time to time emergency, from time to time in the hospital inpatient treatment is needed. Some of these patients as in COPD patients with progressive loss of lung function tests are. To define this type of patients, treatment-resistant asthma, difficult to control asthma, severe asthma, life-threatening asthma, also used terms such as near-death asthma.

Difficult to make the diagnosis of asthma should not rush to a patient, first of all medications given to him on a regular basis whether the patient, via spray or dry powder form of respiratory applications, whether the right should be investigated not do.

Difficult Is known causes of asthma?

Unfortunately, we do not know very well the reasons for difficult asthma. Here, at home or at work to stay exposed to allergens, food additives, drugs, smoking or passive cigarette smoke and other irritant substances, reflux, rhinitis, sinusitis, nasal meat, such as polyps in the upper respiratory tract diseases and systemic diseases should be investigated. COPD is sometimes difficult asthma, bronchiectasis, hyperventilation, vocal cord dysfunction and sleep apnea may also be known with such diseases.

Psychological factors may also be important in patients with difficult asthma, but its hard to do that cause asthma or difficult asthma patient's psychological as it is a kind of forced recover is not always easy to distinguish.

Do you have something to do with the beginning of treatment that best failure?
Treatment of asthma is difficult to say that initially had nothing to do good. These patients demonstrated a diagnosis from the first day show resistance to treatment and how much they use drugs regularly, would not be able to get the asthma under control.
This is quite scary ... difficult asthma

You are right, not like feared. Asthma is a disease that's already among the people greatly feared by 5 percent due to asthma patients found difficult. These patients, "We were not good," he swim doctor doctor.

Difficult asthma in adults is not only, or is found in children?
Children with asthma also may be difficult, but much more rare in adults. Cortisone spray 800 micrograms per day, despite the difficult asthma in children are not taken to control asthma is called.

Types of difficult asthma

Of course, on the basis of difficult asthma can be thought of as a syndrome. The syndrome of different causes, common symptoms of the disease group in terms of different mechanisms and is a term. For example, unstable asthma, refractory asthma Cortisone, Cortisone-dependent asthma, difficult asthma are treated as sub-groups.

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