What is Unani

Unani system of medicine concern "Izterap known as". Sauda'nın (sadness-melancholy sense) as a result of over secretion of "Melancholy" is defined as discomfort. This adversely affects the ability to control the nervous system and more secretion called Quwat Nafsania. Affecting the ability of the brain called the five hidden Quawa khams abdominal are three important reasons. They are:

More than a sense of melancholy or black bile secretion,
Abnormal secreted safravi (anger) and Balghami (cold-heyecansızlık) abnormal feelings into feelings of melancholy and the melancholy nature of changes in the normal sense.

What are the signs and symptoms of anxiety?

The beginning of the disease, caused by fear, feel the discomfort and mild depression. If conditions persist, the head. pain, hands trembling, palpitations, diarrhea, sweating, difficulty breathing or breathing, dizziness, unstable walking, being suspended in space, space walk, or a sense of flying in the air can occur.

What are the Principles of the treatment of anxiety?

There are four basic principles in the treatment of Unani concern:

1. Diet, exercise, activities and habits of mind more than a sense of melancholy to correct the conditions that cause secretion.
2. Mukhadirat'la burden or stress of the nervous system (calming) decrease.
3. Black bile, or laxative use for a sense of melancholy.
4. Wa Dimagh Mugawi nervous horse or using amplifiers to strengthen the nervous system.

Treatment How is anxiety?

Below are detailed procedures and use of certain drugs commonly used in the treatment of anxiety.

Application of water to deal with squash or lettuce seed oils.
Two or three times a day with shivnee Dawul Arq-e-Shifa taking tablets.
Tablets two or three times a day to be Hohra Javvahar Comm.
Lavender and black pepper, coriander powder into five. This medication should be taken early in the morning on an empty stomach with water. Between half an hour to an hour after taking this medicine Rest in bed.
Water squash, coriander powder into flowers and Babool. This medicine twice a day to get together with three grams of water is recommended.

One hundred and twenty milliliters of water with six grams jatamansi, cinnamon and ginger to boil dry. Add Water buharlaşınca saccharin. This mixture should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning, two grams of a mixture of ammonium chloride and 500 milligrams of powder kafurdan Prepare, clean and thoroughly mixed in an airtight bottle, inhaled (via breath into the take), your operating system.

Cinnamon, Prepare a mixture by using equal amounts of opium and mirden. Add a bit of water. Pour this mixture in a cloth, and both the zygomatic bone to follow.
Seven grams before bedtime, or coriander lavender is recommended.
Time used to go to sleep before ten grams Itrifal,

Kha-mira Gaozaban recommended six grams of the morning before breakfast.
Ours Musala and forehead with water putty is formed.
When any pain arising from the use of three grams of concern Barshasha.

On the method to cope with anxiety

1. Forget the past and now focus on the problems caused by this.
2. Learn to distinguish between real and irrational fears, your mind away from the unreasonable ones.
3. Make sure that the fears and face them.
4. Think positive and be brave. Be confident.
5. Konularınıza concentrate on your own. Please note that we will help you the best for yourself.
6. Learn new habits to cope with stress-s. You can repeat this, and discipline.

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