6-Month Baby Development baby Nutrition

Baby's Nutrition in 6 Months, 6 Months Infant Nutrition and Care

Broth soups can do for your child at six months. So many people will love your child, you will find different tatda the possibility of making baby food. Although there are many in mineral salts, as a nutrient broth is not very strong. How many items were obtained from boiling meat broth kaynatılsın remains. Then, meat juice, never meat, vegetable puree or soup and an egg you need to know the location does not hold. A child of six months, bread crust violate. Give into the hands of children after meals with a small piece of bread allows both scratching their teeth, as well as self-alıştırmış will eat.

Now your child has grown a great deal. Now that you have locked the first step to teach him self to eat, it should continue. Also, your baby will also learn to drink from cup slowly. For this, each bottle if you are breast-feeding bottle-smoking effort to spend a few sips before the child's cup. In this way, your baby will learn in this short period of time.

New new foods stimulates the appetite of the child. Comes more attractive to him. The biscuit, and feta cheese for breakfast must. If you want you can give your baby fruit puree and pudding-jelly-shaped. However, during these months in animal fat can add to meat and vegetables.


250 grams of fruit-on-one or a few kind-first thoroughly washed. After removing the shell and seeds are crushed. Filtering is passed. Thus, the essence of fruit obtained from the 200 grams of water, the addition of 50 grams of sugar and 15 grams of boiled gelatin. Then cooled pudding into bowls placed the baby is eating.
Meats can be given at six months:

This month, the children will be given meat, chicken liver and brain. Beef begins to be given the following days. Meat, the teeth of a child without thinking thoroughly cook food, and then trample.
Give your baby every day for different meats. Also, do not forget to give the meat with a vegetable.

List of baby food at six months and hours should be set as follows:

Hour 07:00: Milk + biscuits (2-3 pcs) + egg yolk + white cheese.
Hour 11:00: Vegetable soup (after boiling animal fat into joining a coffee spoon) + et + sweetened yogurt.
Hour 15.00: Pudding (one cup) + biscuits (2-3).
19.00 pm: Milk + custard or fruit puree.
Hour 22:00: Milk.

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