Elevation of body temperature of Fire

Body Temperature (Febris), fever elevation, Thermometer

Body temperature, a sign of vitality. The body generates heat and heat is always lost. The difference between the temperature of the body heat generated heat and lost. Body temperature, set by the central base of the brain in the hypothalamus and are kept in balance. This is the center of heat regulation (thermoregulation) is central.

Metabolism, body temperature, movement and the energy released occurs. Body, sweating, breathing through the skin, theme, and excretory systems, waste heat is lost.

36.5-37 ° C degrees temperature a healthy person in any environment. Be the same as the temperature is set by the central thermoregulation.
In case of heat illness and heat-losing systems that make up the heat or rises or falls affected.

Body temperature, measured with a thermometer. Measurement unit Celsius (° C) is considered. Body temperature, measured body temperature varies according to the young. Orally normal values ​​of temperature measurement of the minimum (min.) 37.2 C maxi. 37.7 ° C in a candle. 37.5 ° C, the normal value of the measurement of rectal way. This value is 37.7 Cdir children ..

Ie, the normal value of the measurement of axillary temperature 36.5 ° C axillary.

With the rise of temperature increases heart rate, breathing faster. Metabolism increases. Fever, generally speeds up operation of the systems.

How to measure the fire, Fire, measured Destinations

Taken from different places depending on the patient's body temperature. Temperature measurement (Alma), where the patient is undergoing a disease, his operation, and so a lot of trauma in general, as the case changes.Body temperature orally (by mouth-tongue underneath). rekta [path (anus), the seat bottom (axillary) and groin in children is measured. This means forehead fever, 1-2 array shows the difference.

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