Dental Stone (tartar)

Dental stone (What is tartar), Dental Stone Cleaning

One of the common problems of the patients of tartar, dental stone. Gum disease were described in the section, but again, roughly.

Remaining on the surface of the tooth for a long time scrub teeth and tooth germs plate saliva collapse of minerals composed of stones.
After brushing the surface of dental stone dental stone Dental occurred.
Only with special tools and special techniques gingiva a good dentist and your teeth clean without damaging the stones. The secret of all tooth surfaces of all the stones are cleaned and smooth. Do not go to a hacker do not think you're doing something healthy teeth cleaning following blocks. I already made ​​the wrong cleaning, gum bleeding does not interrupt.

Weigh the dental stones, can cause gum disease, such as tiny sponges, because there is a porous structure. Microbes are great for living areas. No one can bother them there. Brush it into the tiny pores in and there does not assign contaminated. One remedy is removal of the stone removed and the surface of the tooth.

Where there is a lot of the stones have a quiet silent bleeding gums are normal. Bleeding, tea, coffee, or non-porous structure of the stones can easily dye images are getting worse and after a while. Now, dark brown, black stones are.
Some people think that the damage to the teeth cleaned of tartar. Piracy is a practice that is as long as a true physician loss techniques right there not very big benefits. According to the patients during the dental engraved in the stones are drawn, will be damaged. However, there is a structure very hard enamel. Is one of the hardest substances in nature. With the degree of force used to scrape the enamel blocks wear you think. If you leave the teeth alone with the original stones and large to damage the gums.

All the toothbrush with toothpaste prevents tartar that is used regularly and in sufficient time. But marketed as preventing tartar toothpastes help prevent tartar that argument just because of these properties, a commercial approach. The smell and taste like you to use regular fluoride toothpaste containing any brand that you trust enough.
Rid of stains, whiten teeth and tooth powders marketed contains very intense abrasive. Frequent use of abrasive materials will cause scratches in the enamel. Do not use abrasive powders instead of Putty. But the wedding, two times a year, use the festival going.

Intensive with dental stones, if you have bleeding gums dental cleaning of stone would not be a single session. Blocks should be smooth surfaces of your teeth after dental . Rough surfaces, and 10 days after the sinking is not your language or bleeding must be cut, rough surfaces, bleeding, etc.. If you have undergone treatment as a means complete. Of course, despite the removal of all stones, do not expect withdrawal bleeding begun regular brushing. Gum and dental stone business drops 70 percent to 30 patients of the physician.

Dental blocks the necessary information that you see, your problem is closely interested in the gums, oral hygiene, brushing techniques, you find a physician in the light you do not miss your doctor know the value of the good.

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