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Dental Caries, Treatment Information for Teeth

Microbial dental plaque is roughly mentioned abilities. Dental caries and gum diseases, plaque said that the main reason. Now, let's see it, this creates a plaque to caries.

Toxic waste, will produce enough to harm teeth within 24 hours of access level. On the one hand (especially carbohydrates) to form acid. If not removed, and a further increase is allowed during this time, these toxic wastes and acid media, they are dense regions in the structure of hard enamel dissolution causes. Erode the spirit of salt so that you pour the concrete floor to imitate. This event is the dissolution of waste and continuous as this persists, so your teeth regularly brush, hard protective layer of tooth enamel (as shown below) before the tiny brown spots, and then manifests itself in this region pits a small, light ball, such as the owner of a decay ll. Enamel at this stage only at the level of a bruise. Self occasional sweet, cold and short-lived show with a tingle. Sometimes it does not give any symptoms. You look to the dentist every 6 months, your doctor can easily detect this decay and phase.

1. Minerva Phase Decay

Not just cold and sweet sızlar enamel layer, short-lived. Maybe he just does not give any indication of a brown-black stain.

2. Dentin Decay Stage

Pain lasting more than
Hot pain possible.
Evident tooth cavity,
Urgently to be done if Filler

Fill made ​​whether or gives. Fill the smaller will be made ​​to take control.

If you switch at this stage, regular brushing, dentist, enamel destruction may decide that it will stop and harmless. Let's remember this once in a while. Despite the formation of a pit and a small dessert past, she grows a little more filling to its own devices were made ​​to leave. But substances used in medicine today, both chemical and mechanical as well adhesive tooth. This type of caries is allowed to grow, just filled. My suggestion to you, sweet you eat if you have a sore teeth, make the solution of this problem immediately. A tooth, the enamel layer on the intact, does not make rhyme or reason in sweet pain. Sometimes the beginning of a needle, even if a small weight loss (which is the point at beginning of decay) would cause such pain. Should be controlled immediately.

This small difference is not rotten or not treated, hard tissue destruction continues pitting settled with the help of the plate. Oral hygiene, waste, depending on the severity and the tooth structure, moves between 6 months to 2-3 years. Other hard tissues of the tooth is reached. Reaches into areas from the hard tissues of the melts. Finally, we call the tooth pulp, the core of the vessel reaches the nerve. Concerns only the hard tissues of the tooth bruise, while good enough to fill the tooth has reached the essence of a rotten; inflamed tooth removed and cleaned the essence of meaning, root canal treatment is required. Yet only the essence of hard tissues and dental caries sweet, cold, heat makes the pain. The pain will continue for a while and cut. But in no way sleep. It is also a symptom of tooth . Pain is that you eat something. Pain during chewing is one of two ways. First, the tooth on the hollow so great that he came into the space, blocking the food, the essence of the the tooth, the second, the core of dental abscess, dental root out, root tip have accumulated in the bone. Dental pain is transmitted and can cause your pressure here.

To summarize briefly, the dental hard tissue and the destruction of the rotten teeth called plaque waste. If you prevent the occurrence of plaque, which also prevents the formation of regular rotten. What a thing has occurred in the caries is a good filler. Teeth, on the night when you sleep, aches, or removes you know that there is a problem. Sometimes, rotten, rough look invisible. If the physician will examine you on your complaints, there is a bruise that appears to give pain relief your dentist sends you check piracy. The problem will surely go to a doctor. A dental examination and x-rays in this case with a good, easily hidden, even if caries is diagnosed interface. And the treatment should be done immediately. Without a moment, then can the problems of the self. But the problem is standing there. Greater pains in the future, you may face destruction of bone tissue. And I'll break a little flimsy because of a fill, you could lose your teeth.

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