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What is Fill, Dental Filling Facts

Sweet your teeth while eating, drinking something cold , you eat food that is always the same teeth in the same region between accumulating jams or not but none of these complaints must fill dental caries detector examination.

Some patients themselves or their neighbors instead of filling the shot based on the experience of the past persists in bad filler. Cold, sweet, etc.. Even 20 years can go to a good filler. Undergone or is broken, have fallen well within 3-5 years. Within a year, dropping problem filling broken tooth or a serum sample belong not material used. Just a cold, sweet pain at the prospect of being a fill built canal treatment is low. But I removed the night of sleep, or too big a hole for your face although there is no complaint, when you press on, when chewing teeth aches, requires root canal treatment

Basically there are 3 types of filler.

1 - Amalgam (black filling among the people, also called silver filling).
2 - Composite (beam filling, white fillings, laser-filling).
3 - Fill inlay

Amalgam (Silver) Fillings

Silver powders, prepared by melting in mercury, usually a kind of a filler used in posterior teeth. Because of the colors used in posterior teeth. Under proper conditions, and very long lasting and durable quality material fillings. If you're not quite sure you made ​​the fill and I have to have the surgery if you prefer yet fill. Poor quality according to an amalgam filling and white fill more robust and more harmless.

Topic itemized explain again:

1. The practice very modern, state of the art equipment is not, please fill the back teeth instead. Aesthetically they are not great in a white filling in appropriate conditions were not much more robust and long service life. White fillings are usually preferred for front teeth. In recent years, the back teeth can also be used, custom made ​​white fillings. But these are both more expensive than others due to the properties as well as a small force against cavities. Large cavities breaking very quickly. More than that would increase the shrinkage rate is very large pits with a dental filling to form a gap between the higher than expected. The lower layers of the tooth in the oral fluids to leak over time, affected by dental nerves, can cause secondary caries.

2. They transmit heat more than metal amalgam fillings. This is a pain to cut teeth, cold and heat will cause a minute ride. Over time, these complaints are eliminated. Still too cold ice cream, ice water is normal to have pain, such as food. This kind of pain, the patient's pain threshold, according to the depth of caries decreased by 3 passes between 3 months.

3. After filling a point when every breath as the needle sets aching, the pain is not a pain from blunt teeth at all, from a point and I always feel the same point, since it can be left open or broken filling. Physicians who provide the show to make necessary interventions.

4. Language inserted after filling excess, deficiency, roughness and the height should not be. These problems are believed to be between neighbors should be getting used unheeded. But, unfortunately, here too mistaken neighbors. Filling roughness or small broken areas on the tooth plate of food and germs makes it easy to hold. This also prepares the start of secondary caries. Undergo corrosion starts filling rough surfaces. Filling should be done at least 24 hours after the polishing process. Physician call you again for polishing , even when we will issue a dessert. No need to doubt the course, see the doctor. Although a simple event, such as polishing the filling to be an important long-life operation. For polishing without doctor warning, lose discipline, means that a good physician. Take care of your doctor.

5. Taken for granted, but at the height of filling an important issue. Customarily thought to have a height over time. But I corrected that to understand how uncomfortable your mouth. Height is filling fast break. Unbreakable joints, damage to tooth roots. This puts extra load on the tooth. Always a problem to be tackled. Physician insensitive act on this issue, says he will catch on facing a piracy, attention!

6. Rhyme or reason on the day of filling teeth with severe pain can scare you. Wait to pass to take a pain reliever. But you sleep, is removing the days following, despite the painkillers make the pain start every meal, heat, cold, need to take painkillers after half an hour long and starts with pain, having difficulty in making chewing, tooth decay is deep enough to affect the nerves and normal filling solve complaints means emerged. Always root canal treatment should be made. In this case, doctors warn. Root canal therapy should be done immediately tell your doctor about complaints. Start the canal therapy. If your doctor by being indifferent to these complaints, 'do not worry, passes' say, only antibiotics and painkillers to write behavior; here, a piracy still face.

Piracy for the root canal treatment, a treatment difficult. Always go to a real doctor. Again, any post-treatment (fillings, shoot, root canal treatment can be built or prosthesis) that removes sleep at night, repeated a few times, pain relievers is undergoing a difficult, even if you have pain, an abscess in your face swells occurred, continuous pain during chewing and on, rises from day to day will pass, there is always a problem. Probably affected by nerves, inflamed. Root canal therapy is made, without the nerves just can not be cured with antibiotics. Maybe suppressed, live in the death of the nerves is provided. In this way, pain can be cut. But the problem persists. Suddenly your face is a greater sufferer. Always make sure to resolve the problem.

7. The new filling in a short time in a year or more, contact your doctor immediately. Ask to do it again. Amalgam (silver) filling and is additional. Completely disassembled and needs to be done again. The physician does not want to do it right call. Already a real doctor, before you warn (sometimes, a troubled region, to give one more chance taking tooth, filling even more long-lasting, even if possible) as soon as possible when you see the broken filling propose to do now again.

8. Some patients fill rates when making quality, very important for them. Please note that we will not bargain in health. The average price of a quality filling Chamber of dentists had made ​​certain calculations. The bottom half of these prices or even impossible to have a filling quality. Fills the room prices unfair because some are good, even the best doctor offices. But it is not half as much. If you practice not making any treatment conditions, prices, cleanliness, decide by looking at the technology used.

9. A very important point is that next to the teeth with filling theme. The theme should be as natural teeth, filling the adjacent teeth. So what should be completely separate, nor in contact with, such as a flat block. Natural teeth are in contact at the closest point of chewing teeth. Papillae between the teeth filled gums that dentists should not be in contact for the call-side positioning of the papillae easily. When you examine it easier to understand. You can check this with a small test. First of all, one thing stuck between your teeth should not be feeling. Get a dental floss, fill, and try to spend between adjacent teeth. Very easy going through a space, or not at all feel that the break does not pass, there is a problem even breaking. Line must be installed at some point as well as natural teeth, with a little coercion from the two teeth should. Alert your doctor. If you do not feel a disturbance in the short term, this problem is described in the long run, you get the problem of gum and a secondary caries. If the filling is completely adherent to the adjacent tooth, gum damage. Leads to gum problems. If there is no contact with the food into the region and the accumulation of causes. Therefore, the accumulation of plaque would be more than normal, after a short period of time to be a bruise on the neighboring teeth is inevitable.

10. Decay is very deep in some cases, a temporary filling done before. For a while (about 3 weeks) is expected. An unexpected pain does not, is a normal filling. This is a temporary name on the provisional fillings. With a normal tooth filling absolutely necessary treatment should be completed when the time comes. She loves to spend many years in some patients for some reason, this is a temporary fillers. However, this is not the capability to protect the long-term temporary tooth fillings. Over time, teeth can cause inflammation of the nerves.

11. Another issue to watch out for, practice policies. Crushed in a mortar was still preparing amalgam fill physician, with his hand and mouth contact with the positioning of the tooth to fill in the saliva is running regardless, please fill out there. All these important points to consider when filling consider them. Yes, maybe 50 years ago it was preparing to fill crushed in a mortar, but not be achieved and the ideal mixture ratio attach enough to fill the life was short. In time of dropouts and the breakaway regions of secondary caries prevented. Today, there are special mixing machines. People call him the ideal of amalgams in the capsule. The mixture is the ideal rate that has been prepared in capsules. Capsule intact in the mix. And yet untouched private carrier is inserted into the filler guns. Meanwhile, for filling dental caries purified prepared cavity should be clean and dry.

Saliva and dental cavity filling material come into contact with germs and moisture. This requires careful filling stage. Doctors warn you firmly at this stage, is isolated from teeth with absorbent cotton, and saliva. And the works in this environment. Make sure the person does not pay attention to these doctors think.

Composite (White, Ray) Fill

Among the people filling these fillings, also called laser. But there is nothing to do with laser light is used. White, plastic-based filler that allows the freezing of a special lamp. Front teeth and small cavities are preferred. Beam normal daylight or with a self-curing are types. A very old type of self-curing technology. Today, not much choice. If you're not in battle, you do not prefer, or deprivation. Also today, the practice should be a ray gun is one of the standard materials. Deluxe or not latest technology or something. Still, this is not the device, and therefore the self-curing material used in the technological development required a doctor's office is caught. I suggest you to be careful.

1 - Composite filling is not important in the short-lived cold pain. Over time passes. But the night, pain, swelling, if you have symptoms such as root canal treatment on the basarnama requires.

2 - Roughness, and color difference should not be redundant. Composite fillings can be done immediately polishing. Also be made. Smooth when you wake up seat, fill bite one should feel. Color that is important. Looking at how composite filling, talking, laughing filling should not be noticed. Very close and under strong light can be certain. Sometimes, because of material used, especially large fillings, attached to color exactly. But considering how much different should not be recognized. If you are not satisfied with the color and aesthetics, notify physician. The patient is not sensitive about this darkest of a ton or deficit immediately available. But aesthetics is important for you to know that this is easily the material fills a very great aesthetic one.

3 - Fill in a short time, cheap material changes color. Is a dark color. If excessive tea, non-drinking, on teeth, this is normal. Brush your teeth in such a short time, but despite experiencing staining, or could not be sufficient polishing material or low quality. Filling quality has been made ​​to believe, if you paid your right to call for him. But under the market, cheaper, by ignoring some of the things to make, a fill-tures, or put up with this situation Look. Afford to lose your teeth in a short time later. Because of poor quality materials will not only creating a color problem. Also leads to the formation of caries under the filling again.

4 - The back teeth built beam filling, your dentist every 6 months filling qualify to control. White fillings are not very durable against the forces of chewing. Patients were chosen because they where aesthetic controls suggest limp.

5 - One of the points to be considered under construction fillings, saliva while filling the isolation of the importance given by the physician. Fillers under construction, saliva, blood, must not touch. Your doctor does not endeavor in this regard, cotton, does not measure saliva absorbers, between steps to turn off your mouth, teeth and filling materials cavity ignore a touch of saliva may be faced with piracy. Diploma problem. These issues will be shown fill the life of care and stability effects. More importantly, your doctor indicates that the discipline of business. Be careful of the physician's training school, we reflect, is not skip the necessary things for your health. A true physician does not jump them, be careful skips.

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