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Sick Child Care, Children looked sick How?

Nutrition and diet

Appetite, easily affected by the disease and is a source of sadness for the parents of a bodily function. Parents' reactions to and interest in nutrition, basic emotions of love and compassion directs.

A healthy child, without any solid food, can live quite a long time. Children eat a meal a few days, especially in the high fever, lose weight. However, this should not be a source of concern. Weight loss, can not be taken as a symptom of a disease in itself. Also, taking off due to illness, and children's appetites away after winning the lost weight, can easily be taken again.
In the short term the most important requirement of the body, sufficient liquid food is taken. The reception of liquid foods, vomiting, sweating, or diarrhea due to significant fluid losses must be taken especially when uğranıldığı. Liquid foods, as well as providing general sense of comfort in terms of maintaining the blood circulation and kidney functions are required. The symptoms that the child suffered the loss of liquid to dry mouth and tongue, eyes, depression, decreased urine and the increase of density. Urine density increases, the color and smell of understood. A poor child's food, should be few, but frequent, should be nutritious and delicious.

What kinds of foods children should be given while the patient?

The child is often useful to know what is for him, is interesting. If you want to eat eggs and fried potatoes, your body is ready to eat foods that you must assume. However, a more frequent problem, suggesting that a child is not hungry to know what is given.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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