Pediatric Food Behaviors

What are the factors that influence eating behavior in children?

People first have to be fed to stay alive. However, eating only makes sense to survive more than just feed the abdomen. According to the terms of the type of food they eat and eating people's eating habits, gratitude, of belonging, family, culture refers to elements such as other psychological and sociological.

Feeding habits of learned behavior. Therefore, from culture to culture even in the same culture differ according to family to family. For example, for a culture of food by hand and then licked her fingers clean while considered normal for the same behavior in another culture may be an unacceptable behavior.

On how we eat what we eat, and there are several factors that are effective, economic, cultural norms, these factors are some of the restrictions on religion. Environmental as well as personal variables on eating behavior are also effective. Children's food preferences, especially in a very effective factor in the taste of food. For example, more children prefer flavored milk Based on the knowledge of different aromas started to produce milk. This greatly increased the amount of milk consumed by children.

Choose foods and eating behaviors of children and the media are also very important effect. Child of the negative effects of the media themselves to protect children parents should be role models. We are not the only child of an effect on the eating behaviors of adults there are many factors. Parents should be aware of these factors, to develop an appropriate awareness.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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