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Small bodies of water reserves in their babies milk, is very important. All kinds of water loss, so instantaneously, can be dangerous. Baby, lose weight, 10 per cent, is in danger of death. In this case, you must hurry to call the doctor. Therefore, and doctor know the baby's weight curve to explain, is of great importance.
Infants in this kind of loss of water in most of the emerging diseases in this period is very constant diarrhea reason (ear infections, intestinal infections, infectious diseases, nutritional disorders, and so on.).
Waterless, caused by:

- Hot shock: Too much dressed the baby covered in a warm place;
- Any disease, so the rise of fire;
- Vomiting or diarrhea due to loss of a lot of water.
Baby lost a lot of water, her skin ashen, almost, such as the skin is thin, eyes, dark circles around the formation and light easy to understand.
Urgent need to help some of the symptoms are:

- Weight loss of more than 10 percent;
- Cooling of the fingers and toes;
- The absence of reaction, coma
- High fever over 40 ° C.

Treatment and Necessary

In an emergency, call the doctor, according to the severity of the situation itself to remain without water or mouth with water supply the way to go (or vomiting), or the removal of the hospital, intensive care section will ask you to give water.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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