Rheumatism Information

When it is usually caused by muscle and joint pain, rheumatism comes to mind. In fact, all kinds of muscle pain caused by arthritis is classified as among the people.

In the same way used for arthritis and rheumatism synonymous. Arthritis of the joints due to various factors yangısıdır. The term rheumatism is more muscles, joints, ligaments and muscles connecting to each other about the joints connecting places.

All types of arthritis and rheumatic diseases, diseases caused by soft tissue is considered. Arthritis pain is usually blunt style. In some cases, making difficult the life of patients with arthritis increase a lot to gain a qualification. In order to understand the structure of the joints of arthritis and soft tissue is worth mention.

Merger which brought together the two bones of the joint points. Each junction between two bones called cartilage than bone covered with soft smooth texture. Reduces the friction between two bones as cartilage. There is also a liquid covering the inner side of the joint of the joint. The outer surface of the joint is surrounded by a sheath called the capsule. Add a stick to provide the joint motion of muscles and other bonds. If the face is broken cartilage and joint capsule thickening or fluid decreases tenderness and stiffness in the joints starts. This limitation of motion accompanied by pain. Different characteristics in different parts of the body can move the joints. For example, hip joint, knee and elbow or shoulder joint, finger joints or different.

Limitation of the developing joints and articular rheumatic diseases are defined as causing a variety of disorders. The most common diseases, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and soft tissue.

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