Infant and Pediatric Unruly Schedule

Infant Immunization Schedule, a determination of the vaccine schedule

Children's Vaccine Schedule

In determining the vaccine schedule in many epidemiological, technological, logistical and socio-economic factors are taken into consideration. In addition, this calendar, easy to apply and accepted by the society.

Society only in terms of vaccination, disease, caused by a public health problem corrected and if you get time to seek advice if you have effective vaccines.

Epidemiological point of view, long periods of time should not be left between applications is preferred. Children, as soon as possible and should be vaccinated early. In addition, some vaccines (measles), or epidemiological factors in age-related immunological activity (oral poliomyelitis vaccine does not give the desired result due to enteroviruses), should be considered.
The vaccine schedule, must be acceptable by society. In this regard, the following points should be emphasized:

- Society of seasonal and daily working time,
- Transport make it difficult season, weather changes,
- Immunization program of cultural traditions and beliefs that may interfere with or support.

The application of a vaccine for the calendar, every child with the least possible number of the process of vaccination and should put in a lot of vaccine to be made ​​simultaneously.
Finally, vaccines, cold conditions is always necessary to (refrigerator) should be stored.

The vaccine schedule, the team may change the team. If you want to be a successful immunization program, should be strictly on the timing of injections, the number of annual vaccine should not exceed two and two or three of them. Almost all of the immunization schedules in use today, it complies with the rule.

GBP by the WHO (expanded immunization program) under the proposed vaccination schedule, as follows:

Babies Vaccine Schedule

Age ----------------------- Vaccines
BCG and oral polio at birth
6. DTP per week + oral polio
10. DTP per week + oral polio
14. DTP per week + oral polio
9. Measles months
15. Tetanus age

GBP recently, the oral polio vaccine at birth, together with BCG has proposed the implementation.
By looking at the epidemiological situation, more can be added to this calendar 3 vaccine. They are yellow fever, meningococcal A + C and hepatitis B vaccines.

The vaccination schedule, a satisfactory cold chain and vaccine center is ideal for qualified personnel with a constant. Simplified charts EPI only, 4-6 months apart, there are two injections done. These tables DTCOO vaccine, an inactivated concentrated poliomiyelit vaccine (polio lmovax) are together.

Poliomiyelit use of oral vaccine in developing countries, is relatively ineffective due to the inactivated vaccine is very safe, and research focused not listed.
Some biological and logistical challenges, biotechnological innovations, it has been possible to defeat. Indeed, some new cellular substrates (VERO cells) and new technological advances in vaccine production, enabled the development of more antigenic and less expensive vaccines. The inactivated vaccine is a poliomiyelit Vaccine, the first vaccine that has been utilized examples and biotechnological discoveries.

Reducing the number of injections required vaccines of tomorrow will allow a smaller number of vaccine application. In this case, the majority of the people living in rural areas and therefore difficult to reach them in a greater number of countries will be able to get anyone under the protection of the vaccine.

Northern hemisphere countries, the southern, children needed immunizations required by the expenditure of vital importance is aware. In addition, in recent years around the world manifests itself in the economic crisis worsened the existing situation. However, national or international, private or official of many organizations, World Health Organization, Third World countries to assist the financing of immunization programs, an encouraging development.

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