Soft tissue rheumatism and Treatment

Soft tissue rheumatism

People between the type of pain is usually described as rheumatic pain. Muscle pain caused by these ties to stick to bones and muscles.

Constraints of various muscle, contractions due to stress, long term, bad seating format (for example,
as secretaries, etc.), weather changes, extreme humid environment leads to the development of tender points in muscles. The majority of patients with painful spots are located in the same region.

Especially between the neck and shoulder muscles, neck muscles, shoulder bone, the spine near the waist regions and along the neck many tender points in muscles develop.

Resembled that sometimes the pain may be severe cancer pain. Patients with fear of cancer develops. Computed tomography detected any evidence. This type of investigation, resulting in many patients they are unnecessary.

Pain leads to restriction of movement of the patient. May be severe enough to wake up from sleep at night. Often do not respond to painkillers.

Fibromyalgia is also known as exacerbations and the decline in this type of pain goes on for years. In such patients, providing temporary relief massage massage the muscle with a hard and sensitive points in the small little bleeding leads to further sensitization. For this reason, the unconscious, as massages in the long run will do more harm than good.

Muscle relaxants and antidepressants in the treatment of soft tissue, here are great benefits. Effective unless it is possible to provide precise locations of the injections, with considerable success.

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