Vaccination and Prematurity

Premature infants, vaccination should begin when fully known. Therefore, the preterms scientific discoveries about the proposals, rather than based on theoretical perspectives.

American Academy of Pediatrics immunization of premature infants, the baby is healthy, but this proposal provided that suggests the start of the second month, based on solid data.

Poliomiyelit hospitalized premature infants, the oral vaccine, the same should not apply because of the danger of infection to children lying on the ground reveals the other unvaccinated.

However 2, and 4-month premature infants and examined the effectiveness of the oral vaccine at six months of the inspection poliomiyelit born full term infants vaccinated in the same way it can not find the difference between reported. Antibody response to the degree of prematurity, birth weight, neonatal, such as the degree of problems, violence, blood transfusions also affected by the implementation of the DTP. Premature babies, the first 10 weeks of life and any problems from the against whooping cough.

25 premature infants born at term applied to the effectiveness of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine comparing, after the second injection of premature infants found that specific antibodies against all three vaccine. Premature infants side effects, and antibody titers, less was born at term.

The French law of BCG vaccine in premature infants, body weight until you reach 3kg opposes making.

Since we have little knowledge about immunization preterms further studies are needed on this issue. In these studies, on the one hand and investigating the efficacy of the vaccine, while passive transfer of antibodies, the degree of prematurity and pathological events in the first month of life and preterms vaccines against bacterial and viral infections should be on how to be protected.

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