Constipation in Children Below Abduction

Constipation in infants Disease in Children

Constipation, stool large and difficulty is done at irregular intervals.

Food scraps, intestines, bowels regular contractions (peristalsis) passes. Exit out of the large intestine is full of a reflex behavior (defecation). What is exceeded out so often varies from person to person. Once a day is usual to go out. However, the large, those at longer intervals, this is a difficulty or pain that does not need to.

Enough to maintain an orderly manner cabbage, oranges, bran fiber foods should be eaten like. Enough to be liquid, are required to prevent constipation. Because, in the event that the body dehydrated, the intestines and bowel contractions slowed down too much liquid is absorbed.

Both unnecessary and excessive use of laxative drugs and also gives the opposite result. This type of continuous use of drugs, constipation for more than
may result in the continuation. Defecation during the mild pain medications can be used to resolve. This, however, be brought to a state of habit.

Anus wound
Stool is hard and irregular, may result in tearing of the skin around the anus. In this case, defecation (going out) will be very painful. Defecation delay for fear of suffering, even problem. In this case, the child's blood mixed with faces will be seen frequently.
The goal of treatment, to soften the bowel movements. The foods are subject to change during treatment and a mild laxative for a short time available. The expulsion of a local anesthetic cream will be helpful before defecation.

Chronic constipation
If constipation persists for more, large intestine, and prolonged contraction of muscles lose their power. This condition usually has a physical cause, as well as psychological and requires more recourse to a doctor. The doctor may recommend some time to clear through the intestines lağman. Measures should be taken to ensure regular defecation after Lağman.

Gold kidnapping children Infants

Is that an accident with a child under the big on. The incident may also be psychological reasons. Children's self-confidence does not hear or new-born brother, you can be. Psychological problems are resolved, understood, and then, under the kidnapping incident, are eliminated. As a child, the mother and father when it comes to the important emotional and psychological problems, before the emergence of an improvement in the child's case, the identification of problems and should wait for the child regain self-confidence.

Kidnapping under a continuous state of constipation as a result.Soft or liquid stools, always full of thick through the intestines, may leak out. Muscles of the anus child, was not aware of this leak, wanted to stop at. Under the kidnapping, a problematic and embarrassing event. However, the child must so bad. Instead of studying and understanding the reasons a doctor should be contacted.

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