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Children's Diseases and Treatment Methods

Pain in children, infants and Throat

Throat inflammation can cause pain in general. Most of these viral inflammation of antibiotics are ineffective. This type of inflammation, usually within a few days, individual passes. The symptoms of mild fever with pain and difficulty swallowing. Maintenance, similar to those proposed for tonsil inflammation and pain with swallowing difficulties to correct the objectives.

Tonsil Disease in Children

Medical language called tonsil tonsils, back of the tongue, two on each side and there is only dependent on the sides of the mouth. The pinkish appearance when they are healthy tonsils, back of the mouth and throat are part of the surrounding lymph glands. Tonsils, disease organisms, to keep creative, to prevent their spreading to the body, and perform a protective function against infections.Grow, and sometimes coated white dots. Tonsil together, grows in the throat lymph glands and sensitive. They show the body is fighting infection, healthy symptoms. And in this struggle, in terms of infection resolve on its own may be sufficient.

Tonsils of children, as well as the symptoms are similar to ordinary sore throat, abdomen lymph may complain of abdominal pain due to interference the work. This type of abdominal pain, appendicitis and limbs should not be confused.

Tonsil Disease Treatment

Recreation: The child will be tired. More yourself, relax and sleep should be provided.

Food: The child can not eat due to loss of appetite, than be forced. However, due to not eat, the throat, the child's custard, fruit puree, jelly-like food attractive and tasty food from receiving adequate care should be taken.
Drinks: The child should be encouraged to take through food for drinks as possible. Fruit juices and milk, will cover many of the body's nutritional needs.

Removal of pain: if the throat and abdomen in order to eliminate the pain every four hours may be given appropriate doses of aspirin or similar drugs.
Mouthwash: Suitable for children over the age of five. Aspirin dissolved in water or mouthwash made ​​preparations for this purpose, the pain can be helpful in terms of elimination, and infection control, a function that performs an antiseptic.

Antibiotics: Too serious infections of the tonsils, the body's own mechanisms of protection against infection symptoms indicating the presence of You Could not Get enough of war, doctor be given.

When you should contact a doctor?

The child's status, making the recommendations above, but worse, the disease, if it takes three or four days long, ear, headache, or other disturbances occur, fever rises above 38.8 degrees centigrade, tonsils, looks too big and inflamed

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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