Pediatric Feeding Disorders

What are the emotional reasons for eating disorders in children?

As mentioned in detail the issue of nutrition in infants receiving nutrition emotional and spiritual development must take place within a relationship that allows. I want to dwell on this topic, especially topics beginning, the mother of this child a good faith belief how is that justified. Because the mother herself, perhaps, but not too much aware of the anxiety of the child emotionally bears saying actually tried to explain her child may be emotionally. However, as I mentioned, such child refuses to eat in a relationship, rejection by his mother as he detected. This also leads to the mother herself feel even more helpless and even depressed. Or the child, and this behavior is really under also no physical cause could not be reached after the medical examination. Here's infancy in the face of such a situation should be analyzed starting from the beginning a very good mother child relationship. Actually declined, perhaps because the children's meal may be the mother or father or reject the relationship.

First of all, your child's best for you or not according to your environment, according to objective assessment is a poor and this situation continues for some time, so you must be sure you have turned into a problem.

If you feel that your child's nutrition and physical problems as a child that is healthy, first you need to find what the problem has continued ever since. Problems in the family, changes on the child's nutrition is very effective. If you think the parents even if the problems of children of parents living problem will certainly impact on their behavior.

To find the possible cause or causes of problem behavior the current state of inextricable Do not see a problem, you must be in a more rational attitude. Rational is an emotional experience is actually an attitude 'of the negative emotional effect diet minimizes the effect of variables.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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