Pediatric Eating Disorders

The parents on the eating habits of children have an eating disorder Is it effective?

Certainly the parents how to feed, more vegetables in the diet, animal foods, Do, Do not dominated by grains directly determines the menu at the child.

Eating Disorders

Tableware have acquired their own families, cultures, the culture of the parents affects the child's table. But with eating disorders or eating disorder in a mother or father whether the child is another important question. This is done significant research on the subject. For example, the University of Birmingham in 2003 as a result of research conducted on the parents of the children of parents with eating disorders, eating disorders observed in children with eating disorders.

Eating disorders are psychological disorders. Mental disorders in children of parents with mental disorders in the future to be a very high possibility. Tavistock Clinic in London in 2002, a study conducted to determine the effect on the child of a mother with an eating disorder. As a result of this research a mother or father of children with mental and emotional development of eating disorder was affected by this situation.

Eating Disorders in Children

As is clearly seen both as a result of the research, eating disorder, eating disorder in which the child would be a mother or father but not a definite finding of the research in the future children of parents with mental disorder or other types of nutrition are very high risk to have psychological problems.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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  1. Its very important that a parent must know child problems



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