Urticaria Warts and boils Disease Treatment

Boils Treatment

Boils, infected hair follicles below the glands of the bacteria that causes. A simple ulcer, can be treated by hot compresses. For this purpose, infected area on a warm or hot towel placed submersible. Boil the head in order to ensure that magnesium sulfate, a spreadable cream. After the head, drilled with a sterile needle.

Boils on the face, in order to get rid of the need. Because of this, the inflammation also causes the blood to mix. Treatment, and grows up or heal a boil frequently recurring, consult with your doctor. In these cases, antibiotic treatment, and investigated the causes of ulcer formation.

Urticaria, Chronic Urticaria Disease

What is Urticaria; the body, is the result of contact with an object that is allergic. This contact with the skin or the touch of a food eaten in the form of an individual's sensitivity can be gained. Causes itching. Treatment of Urticaria, allergic reaction and should be given antihistamines to reduce itching, apply a lotion to address appropriate.

And Treatment of Warts, Genital Warts

Warts are very common in schoolchildren, usually the base of the hands and feet swelling. I like warm and humid conditions originate from a virus. Direct contact can spread rapidly. For this reason, keep the warts off and the child should be encouraged to use only their own towel. Disappear spontaneously. But usually disappear without treatment.

Wart Treatment

Warts, the virus that killed a drug such as formalin or podofilin painted. However, warts, is also possible to burn or freeze. Children, until it is transferred warts and others should not have unnecessary contact with skin.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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  1. Hives can come and go completely unexpectedly and without treatment. The area affected by the swollen red and/or white bumps may be both mildly or severely itchy and warm to the touch.


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