Chronic Pain and Chronic Headache

To qualify as a pain, chronic pain from 3 to 6 month time period should pass. During this period, as well as other disorders or head pain in your body starts to show.

1. First of all, sleep is disrupted scheme.
Most of the patients with chronic pain due to become a regular sleep can not sleep. Sleep disturbed patient puts in a vicious circle. Begins to wake up every hour. Starts to get up tired in the morning. Dreams sleep all day long.

2. Energy is reduced.
Sleep disorders and pain, the patient's daily energy decreases. Reduction of the energy initially can not cope with the pain makes it easier to deal out. Reduced tolerance to pain.

3. Nervousness begins
Of sleep disruption, reduced energy, pain patients to continue to make even more frustrated. The pain becomes unbearable. First of all, can easily be affected. Events of the past can not accept easily becomes acceptable. The people around him begin to break. A result, people begin to move away from him. Finally, self-limited, making their own world.

4. Loss of appetite begins
Loss of appetite may be due to pain may be due to the gradually developing depression and unease. Anorexia, as well as nausea and vomiting may occur.

5. Depression develops in
Depression develops after a period of living with constant pain. The patients feel themselves useless. Depart Affairs. Incomes are able to work. Themselves constantly feel tired. Do not take pleasure from life.

6. Indiscriminate use of pain killers begin
Random, they begin to use pain relievers without consulting your doctor. One of the relatives from a good drug they try. As a result of this gastrointestinal complaints begins. Each time a new drug they are good for a few days. Then you lose the effect.

7. Shows familial problems arise
Family indicates the beginning of understanding the patient's pain. A lot of pain to the patient's family after a while the trouble starts. Family not believe the pain starts. This opens the result in the patient himself more isolated.

8. The health system and physicians indicate problems arise
Patients suffering from other chronic diseases in patients with chronic pain changes the more the physician. Goes from a physician. Weave runs a hospital. Noticing the pain of believing that the solution does not exceed an operation on the usually tries to be operated on. In fact, they attempt to persuade physicians in this direction, you can not convince the doctors offenses.

9. Non-medical ways, seek help from alternative treatment methods will start to expect
Modern medicine will never see the patient is no longer necessary assistance towards non-medical methods. Support searches for alternative treatments. Performed in public, thousands of plants, plaster, leech, trout, refers to methods such as pulling back. Also sees the benefit of these methods, up to two weeks. Then returns to the old. Starts to search for new methods.
As can be seen in chronic pain patients physical, psychological, familial and social problems are closely intertwined with each other, creates a dramatic table.

Chronic pain patients, the role of family

Chronic pain patients with a family living in a difficult job. Always watch a person suffering with him to eat, sleep, go to work loads and responsibilities necessarily puts the new family. While the other physician in a physician, a number of tests to be next to him when needles, hospital emergency departments spend hours, sleepless stay, hospital rooms to spend the days, for the treatment of pain to the patient's family budget, and usually bear the major financial burdens. As time passed slowly reduced the initial sympathy and willingness to help. Normal deterioration of relations begins. From this point on "family games" we can call a ball of relationships emerges.

Chronic pain and health care

Chronic pain patients, the physician - patient relationship is extremely important. Many chronic pain patients complain about doctors not understood themselves. This is often true. Because the training of physicians is intended for control of acute pain. Most physicians approach patients with pain is equal to the logic of pain relief and allows arbitrary painkillers. The cause of pain often does not work full-prescribed painkillers to a physician and the patient starts to go to other physicians. In this case, the patient as a physician justified the crimes. The physician for the pain inside himself feels uncomfortable. In fact, the task of the physician is to find the cause of pain before the pain. The cause of pain can not be found when the patient is uncomfortable at the physician. For example, a patient complaining of headache, migraine, for example finding an imaging method that does not. There is no such a thing when viewing the patient, "I wish something," he hayıflanır. Most patients are of the opinion that pain. This is a very wrong belief. Location of surgery, chronic pain is much less than anticipated. Many times these surgeries performed in the patient's pain leads to an increase rather than decrease.

Leads to an increase in pain in pain-breakers used in the same haphazard manner. A good example of this is due to indiscriminate use of pain relief headaches. These types of headaches, reducing pain relievers is lost is lost. The physician-patient relationship in patients with pain often develops in an unhealthy manner, and will continue.

1. Accept the fact that chronic pain.
Chronic pain is the same rise in blood pressure, diabetes-a disease such as diabetes. Blood pressure or sugar in patients with chronic pain disorders that you have to accept how you. Pain remedy, please continue to explore the solution but do not be delivered to the pain.

2. Please designate targets for yourself, hobbies and social activities Increase
Do not leave your job because of pain. If you are not trying to Increase your hobbies and relationships with society. Do not restrict yourself from pain. Friends, family being helpful. But more to help them use

3. Yourself and your family because of chronic pain, girl. Because of chronic pain to your family and those around you. Keep it that makes you responsible for your pain, and her daughter try to deal with it.

Take the advice of a physician on a regular basis according to 4.Ağrı breakers. Then slowly try to cut off.
Pain relievers should be used under the supervision of physicians and physician recommendation. Cause problems while a lot of painkillers taken at random and then slowly try to cut the painkillers still under the control of physicians.

5. Increase your physical status, the better to bring.
Try to optimize the physical situation. To do this, do the necessary. Aims to increase the sheep in front of you. Try to fulfill these goals.

6. Learn to relax, relaxation exercises relaxation pain clinics are taught to follow a regular basis. This will relax your muscles twitch, depending on pain. Thus, your body is more energetic.

7. Make yourself constantly busy.
One of the best ways of coping with pain covers all of your life constantly busy to make herself. For this purpose, develop hobbies and interests. Try to shift your attention to another point.

First, determine your own limits. Accordingly, by setting targets increase every day activities. Running a very painful condition of the body more useful.

9.Relatives of healthy relationships.
Family relationships-do not use your pain. Set up a healthy relationship with them as people and develop relationships.

10.Open and install a proper relationship
Tell your doctor the right and open. Always more pain by taking painkillers. For this reason, the open and stop responding to questions related to pain because of you by your doctor if verin.Aksi can lead to harm you to take decisions.

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