Pain Control - Trigeminal Neuralgia

Interventional procedures for pain control

Interventional procedures for pain control in particular has developed significantly in the last 20 years. With the development of imaging and electronic systems, many of the surgical technique in the past has been replaced by invasive methods.
Interventional procedures for pain control should be applied only by trained physicians. Interventional procedures retractable two major groups:

1. Central nervous system or peripheral nervous system of the methods for the destruction of certain nerves temporarily,
2. Central nervous system or spinal cord at the level of the nervous system based on the method for changing the form of work.

Radiofrequency trigeminal neuralgia

Situation is one of the most severe pain of trigeminal neuralgia, 12 pairs of nerves from the brain to direct the fifth, the "trigeminal nerve" of a disease are kept. The patient's face while eating a half and usually the lower jaw, face wash, shave, while the resulting severe pain similar to electric shock. After a while, even water can not place the patient's mouth and begins to lose weight. Generally, a disease occurring after 50 years of age. The treatment of trigeminal neuralgia are usually three main ways. The first medication, the latter nerve is involved with the burning of radiofrequency, a third surgery. After a while the pain is a chronic disease medications remain inadequate starts. He is a very young age if the patient is sent to the brain and nerve surgery angle '"provided relief with surgery." Mikrovask' "s decompression" and the brain stem called the elimination of nerve on the success and providing permanent treatment is surgical intervention, because of the magnitude of the operation and health status of elderly patients who are not suitable for such a venture is not preferred.

Afford adequate pain control, or loses the effect of drug treatment is one of the methods of choice, percutaneous radiofrequency (RF) application with the trigeminal nerve fibers that transmit pain as a controlled burning process. Another application of this process the rule of the nerve and injection of glycerol, as the withdrawal of nerve message is more controlled. RF application is a relatively simple procedure requiring general anesthesia, a preferred form of treatment in recent years has been due. Effect of treatment duration and severity of the disease varies according to personal characteristics. Therefore, after the burning of the trigeminal nerve in the nerve after a while begins to revive again. The average duration of the effect of this method ranged from eight years to three years. Reproducible method in patients with pain started again.

Enterprise is the operating room environment. After admission, the cheek region is done on your back the initiative with local anesthesia. In the meantime, blood pressure, heart rate and breathing are monitored continuously by an anesthesiologist. Radiological imaging guidance, a special needle is advanced nerve in the region. After the radiofrequency device where the needle is verified radiographically in the region through a painful warning notices given to the patient feels are asked. This is the needle in the right place to make sure that the pain carrying nerve fibers controlled by then burned with radiofrequency energy. At this stage, a surface anesthetic for the patient not feel pain. Which lasted for half an hour several hours after the procedure the patient is kept under observation. In the meantime, with the cold ice pack applied to your face. Pain immediately after the procedure passes. Is natural to have pain and numbness to the region already is an indication of the effectiveness of treatment. Patients are reminded of the most important point in advance that the patient's face will result in a prolonged numbness. But this is not a facial palsy. Is not noticeable from outside the patient's face is numb.

During the intervention, the most common complication seen bleeding. Infection can be seen another of unwanted situations. Interference by experienced physicians, much less than the frequency of these events is performed under suitable conditions.

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