Steroids into the epidural space

First of all steroids bias needs to be corrected, is related to the use of steroids in medicine. General belief among the public in the form of cortisone is extremely important to have side effects. This is true to some extent. However, a very different manner, such as cortisone and antibiotics in the same properties. Not a single drug type. Therefore, if used properly, will not cause any significant side effects.

Of steroids around the nerves in the spinal cord be implemented over the past 50 years. After the cylinder is similar to the spinal cord called the epidural reach a holster. Disc herniation in this case or any other reason, namely systemic inflammation-inflammatory steroids by mouth or vein has occurred rather than be given directly to that region is much more effective.

Disc hernia, spinal canal stenosis, facet joint arthritis occurring steroids can be given directly to that area.
This will display every time we called in the tip and the electrode needles and a safe way for measuring tissue properties is performed in the operation theater.

The patient is sent home and rest for a few hours after application. Up to one week at home bed rest is recommended. Later exercises will strengthen back muscles.

Sweetened be applied to patients. However, a few days after application for determination of blood sugar should be done more frequently.

Epidural Steroid Injection

Epidural steroid injection, a powerful antioxidant effects of inflammation of the spinal canal into the application of cortisone type drugs. More than 40 years since the world from a variety of spine pain patient, receiving good results with minimal side effects, as well as providing a procedure.

The overall objective of the epidural injection in the edema of the disc hernia hernia or remove the beginning of the disk around a nerve root compression is to reduce inflammation and possible. Low risk and the potential for significant side effects due to the lack of a common method. Particular drug therapy, exercise and physical therapy from the disc could not be improved with conservative methods such as waist, leg, neck and arm pain is preferred.
underwent the operation for much of the pain completely disappears. The pain associated with numbness, drowsiness, muscle weakness is seen as a significant improvement in symptoms. The process can be repeated a small number of patients could not be improved. General acceptance of the process be applied 3 times within a few months.
the patient under local anesthesia and sedation can also be given medicines provider. The patient does not pain during the procedure.

Side effects are very rare. Giving and systemic spread of a limited area due to the very few steroid-related side effects is almost never seen, in some patients after the procedure, bed rest and pain relievers can be taken under control, can be seen in a temporary headache. About the prevalence of this condition is one thousandth. As you can see even the most frequent complication of epidural injection appears to be quite rare. Infection is a serious side effect is rare. Process should be completely sterile conditions to prevent the needle entry site and the epidural space is determined under radiological bleeding, virtually no serious side effects such as nerve damage is not found.

Complaint of low back pain improved after application, a few days to two weeks after the procedure takes place at a time. Recovery process is done, expected to take place immediately. The day after the operation on the day bed rest is recommended. Usually a lot of patients who previously could not make the activity may become a compelling show improvement up to. However, they warned, under medical supervision after the procedure and the increasing activities controlled under the supervision of physical therapist .

Epidural Lysis

Interventional pain management, aiming to relieve acute and chronic pain involves many different techniques. This branch of medicine in recent years has been the fastest growing industry. The inner surface of the spinal canal surrounding the spinal cord with epidural space between the thin protective layer is a field. Chronic low back and leg pain in the epidural space is an important reason that we call, in this space on the membrane surrounding the spinal cord of the widespread adhesions.

These adhesions are formed during the recovery period after surgery is usually applied to the waist area. Adhesion of nerve tissue by limiting the movements of natural causes severe pain.

Epidural lysis, referred to nerves through the elimination of adhesions, thus relieving the pain relief process. This initiative is implemented in both the waist and neck. For this purpose, a guitar, a hollow wire-thin catheter is placed in the region approved by the doctor performs the operation.

Waist area suitability for the anatomy of the most preferred access site because of dismantling the tail sorrowful. Spinal canal is a natural opening in this region. This opening in the catheter is placed into the epidural space and advanced into the spinal canal. In some cases where the input from the lumbar spine can be selected. Vertebrae from the neck to neck catheter is placed into the epidural space.

After applying local anesthesia, the catheter is placed through the needle. Then the catheter and advanced through the needle reached the intended area. Both the needle and catheter placement stages utilized computer-assisted imaging method. In this way, the needle and the catheter is removed the risk of advancing the wrong areas. Also thanks to the display location of epidural adhesions in the region by identifying the correct placement of the catheter is provided in full.

The catheter is inserted into the patient room, operating room resting. In the meantime, the catheter is the first drug, the drug is applied 30 minutes after the second drug is given slowly over a period of 30-60 minutes with the help of the pump. During this process, depending on the achievement of the patient's waist or neck regions of numbness in the arms or legs may occur. This situation is completely transient effect of drugs, 2 or 3 hours after completion of the second drug in the patient's house and then sent to the rest, the process 1 or 2 days more catheter removed. The presence of the catheter does not give the patient a major inconvenience. According to the patient catheter drug granting process is repeated a total of 2 or 3 days. During these 3 days the patient should rest.

Catheter is removed at the end of the third day of treatment. After this stage, the patient just had a few more days will continue. a period of 7-14 days to fully assess the impact of the process are needed. One of the most important point to note is that only a part of the process of treatment. Adhesions around the nerve roots of the drugs dissolve catheter and reduces edema. This is a painless way would be acquired in a period. This is a good period of pain and needed physical therapy, exercise therapy evaluation should be the liberalization of the nerves completely.

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