Is there an impact on the mother cutting her baby breast milk?

Is there an impact on the mother cutting her baby breast milk?

Many women decide when weaning her baby lives in a combination of many different emotions. Weaning by the mother is experienced as a kind of separation. On the one hand no longer be woman and her baby grow to pride, on the other hand the strong bond with her ​​baby, breastfeeding would not last given to the idea of the cause grief for the mother

Breast milk to cut the woman breastfeeding her baby bağımsızlaşması and her baby, as well as a more 'dependent' means that you will not. No longer a helpless infant to the mother 'dependent' absence, his need for her mother to begin a new era in a relatively reduced and no longer mother. Therefore, the complex emotions of the mother to breastfeed experience very different from the last while, is worth being prepared for emotionally. The mother with her ​​baby rather than the quality of the relationship between form, together with its growth has changed and the baby being close to him, 'feed' else needs to realize that different ways.

Before the birth of her close relationship with the woman's womb to carry babies from birth to breastfeeding, then continuously cause the baby to him to live in a state fully dependent. Weaning your baby from the woman's own body, to have again, re-individualization means. For some women breastfeeding in the termination of the life cycle of their bodies ready for the second baby that means. This process also has the idea of a new baby of the mother at the same time period.

Put an end to breastfeeding, the relationship between the woman's own body in terms of his relationship with his wife and babies as well as effects. Some women breastfeeding their babies, they do not want their wives to be use as an excuse to enter into a sexual relationship. Women's life in a big space so that the baby his wife is forced to give in the life.

For some women, breast-feeding can also be turned into a source of sexual gratification. This also make it difficult for the mother to stop breastfeeding. Negative psychological effects on the baby to continue breast-feeding too long can leave.

The father and mother and baby at the beginning the relationship between the settlement of a healthy diet, and then cutting the baby from the milk has a very important role in helping the mother. Termination of breastfeeding and the baby's mother, other family members as well as physical and emotional means that people are facing. Depending on the dynamics of the family their father, the woman or her baby by interfering with the close relation between the detected or support. Here, determining the quality of the relationship between them, depending on the closeness between the parents. The arrival of the baby, depending on the nature of the relationship the family enlarges, enhances, or depending on the structure of the family routine can cause chaos and disrupt with it. All of these variables determines how one can overcome the new experiences encountered in the next few months.

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