Colic pain, and Infant Nutrition

Is there anything to do with feeding the baby with colic pain?

Among the people known as colic, gas pains, quite common in infants. Colic, baby crying for no reason and very violent manner. Severe unexplained crying usually begins two weeks after birth, are in the same time in the day. Colic does it take three hours per day, disappears spontaneously in the second or third month.

Colic, crying baby's body is stiff, his hands tightly, making a fist to pull her legs towards her belly and her face at this time gives the impression that baby's pain. Therefore, the problem of colic is usually caused stomach-bowel credible. The baby is sucking air swallowing, such as the causes of infant gas pains caused by gas the most common belief about colic. This of course is a useful reasoning, but it alone does not explain the cause of colic.

Colic in infants is more than just severe healthy. Many of the sleep patterns of babies with colic be damaged as well as to wake up constantly, colic does not consist of only gas shows. These babies sleep during the day short and irregular, or restless night sleep. During the day and at night, often crying babies at the transition between sleep and waking up crying. Features of severe infant crying may be related to his temperament, as yet unable to breathe easily be caused by physical problems. Eliminated all possible physical problems but continues to colic should be considered primarily on the mother-infant relationship. For example, how to position the baby, the mother's baby mood is very important. The anxious mother or her baby in her arms stretched to hold a relatively more peaceful and a mother to keep her baby in her arms is not the same. If a mother breastfeeding her baby has been stressed in this situation is in a position to disturb the baby sucking his mother's arms in comfort leaves, thus causing the food may be good. The relationship with the mother of a baby whose mother does not feel safe in trying to pull itself very quickly absorb a lot of air swallowing may cause feeding.

Provence and Lipton in 1962, lasted for five years in a nursing home study conducted on the remaining babies. At the end of this study colic in infants was found very rarely seen. This is the main cause of colic also reinforces the hypothesis that problematic parent-infant relationship. In other words, where there is no relationship between parent-infant colic is either lacking or too little. Of course, babies have colic seen a more spiritual sense, does not show that they are healthy. There are also thought to be depressed babies. The results of this research, the nature of the relationship between parent and baby with the link between colic. In the absence of organic cause of the baby's problems should be taken into account in family relations.

Abdominal colic baby massage in a clockwise direction, as well as other methods that are effective in grasping the breast, your baby. Mother or father her baby doll's chest deposit method baby's physical as well as emotional as the most important reason is that experiencing.

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  1. Thanks for the help with the child colic pain.Some babies become very cranky from the pain that irritates them and they become very disinterested in food also.Poor things as they look for relief.


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