Measles Rubella Disease in Children

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Measles and rubella is a contagious infection of moderate there is no relationship between. Top effects of a droplet infection through saliva or nasal discharges. Very rare in children under 5 years. The incubation period lasts for 2-3 haft. The child should not have intercourse with others for a period of 4 days after getting out debris.

Rubella Disease Symptoms and Treatment

Fever and mild illness lasting one or two days begin. After that, starting behind the ear to the body and arms spread rash, the most characteristic symptom of the disease. Rash; discomfort, and some people do not come together forming a view headless, flat, pinkish spots occur. Some discomfort and a low fever. However, children often feel very well himself. Usually swollen glands in the neck and the back of the skull. Other symptoms, usually within a few days, despite, rash, it may disappear within a short period of time. Comfortable as possible to keep the child out of a special treatment is not recommended.

Complications of Rubella

The real importance of rubella, the arrest of a woman's pregnancy in the case of the first four months, resulting in children is caused by abnormalities. For this reason, the child caught rubella, extreme care must be taken to avoid contact with a pregnant woman.

Disease lifelong immunity once acquired, taking into consideration of girls, children should be encouraged to take age before the disease. Provided for this purpose, "measles parties" to support the application.
There are beers that provides immunity against rubella and girls age 11-over 13, even thinks that they had previously rubella vaccine should.

Measles disease, measles in children

Measles is highly contagious, viral disease. Immunity from the mother, is lost during the first years of life for the children, starting from an early age affects. The disease usually passes within a week. However, children should be sent to school for 10 days after illness.

Measles Symptoms and Complications of Disease

Measles, usually severe colds and runny nose, cough and your eyes begin. After 3-5 days, starting behind the ears itch spread to face and body, a rash occurs in private. Rash, images come together in time by small, red spots formed.
The most common complications, ear infections and bronchitis. This condition can be very serious especially in small infants.

Treatment of measles disease, measles Treatment

The treatment is carried out depending on different symptoms. The most severe stage of the disease of children, often lose their appetite and be forced to eat. Not remain without water, and care must be taken to keep the child's mouth moist.
Measles was believed the child should be kept in a dark room. But light, in particular not generate discomfort, it is not necessary. Inflates the eyes with warm water bath can be done. Considering the child may be uncomfortable, watching television, such as bronchitis.Kulak pain or signs of a secondary infection occurs, doctors may prescribe the appropriate antibiotic.

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