Pertussis Disease in Children

Facts About Pertussis Pertussis Disease in Children and

Whooping cough is most contagious childhood diseases and especially in small infants, can cause serious problems. The incubation period lasts 7-10 days. Children, for a period of 28 days after the occurrence of disease symptoms, infect.

Pertussis Symptoms in Children Infants

The disease, common cough and a bit wet and noisy nose begins. A few days after the child begins to cough a few times every breath exchanged. At this stage, cough, for example, or the child's arms to begin spontaneously taken, could cause the cough. Then allow the child to breathe take. Cough finished child breathes noisily. However, especially in small infants, the ability to refresh not find their breath. Coughing or vomiting usually appear together. Although the treatment of disease, it may take several weeks or months. The main complications of the disease, flu and ear inflammation.

Pertussis Treatment, Treatment of Pertussis

This disease developed for specific antibiotic therapy should be initiated. However, cough, cough for a long time is not a usual affected. A mild sedative, is usually beneficial. Continuous vomiting, feeding difficult. In this case, the food, often for only a small amount does not exceed. No immunity, infants vaccinated against pertussis as early as possible, would be useful.

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