Belly Babies Inflammatory Diseases

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If well maintained and clean looking after the umbilical cord will recover as soon as possible. Self-dry in the fall of about one week. If the umbilical cord dry spontaneously, on the second week consists of a shell and will recover. Sometimes the skin of the abdomen through the umbilical cord is (protruding belly). Sometimes the skin of the umbilical cord can not reach up. This occurs when the formation of hollow core.

Infant Umbilical Inflammation

Belly microbes can contract very easily. Inflammatory discharge yellow, olive oil, consistency and smell. Due to inflammation around belly blush. High fever. If untreated, can lead to blood poisoning germs entering the bloodstream is certain. Should be treated with antibiotics and control of a doctor.

Belly: Umbilical cord after the fall of the cord, fell on the floor of the wound left by the formation of excessive amounts of tissue can cause belly. Often this takes the name of granuloma tissue formation. This makes the knot can easily become infected and often bleeding. Silver nitrate is treated by a doctor belly burning.

Oral candidiasis: Candida, a fungus in their mouths called a type of normally healthy people. In infants is caused by malnutrition. Originally appearing in spots and a white layer combine to form white spread. Remove the extermination of this layer. Oral candidiasis, respiratory tract, spread down the danger as there is a disease that must be treated immediately. The most effective drug for this type of fungi. Incorrect use of antibiotics, because antibiotics are other beneficial bacteria in the mouth eliminate the quality of protection. In fact, in healing canker fungus emerged with the actual disease itself disappears.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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