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What is on the early, early on Symptoms and Causes

Pregnancy is always the right time for the baby's development time and the availability of body measurements (weight and height) can be determined. Less than 2500 grams and 46 inches shorter babies "were born early (premature) baby» is considered. Very little hope of survival of babies with weight less than 1,000 grams. 600 grams of the lower level of probability of survival. Gram in 1200 from the chances of survival increase. Babies born under 1500 grams, only experience as a result of children's clinics and special care under control.

Premature birth: Main womb healthy development of baby's birth to the completion of «premature» is called. Disproportion between the size of the baby's body has to cope with. Oil follicles are almost non-existent. The body is covered with feathers yet. Hand and foot claws fully extended. Ear buckets soft. Reproductive organs fully developed. Male infants, yet testes into bags. The outer lips, inner lips of the vulva in girls.

Early post-natal care of the baby: New born babies can not work enough body heat layout yet. Furthermore, to prevent heat loss there is still oil in the follicles. For this reason, the baby was born early heat and cold protection measures to be taken among the first. Incubator for premature babies are called baby tent. Baby do not change in an incubator temperature, humidity, oxygen content in an environment set up and sterilized. Allows you to move incubator babies, but also protects them from germs. Early nutrition of newborn babies, care, treatment and protection of diseases is a task requiring special care. Early newborn, baby, this danger (Risk of Early Birth) after bypass can be given the mother's care.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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