Newborn Baby Feeding

New born baby's nutrition

Newborn care issue is much more difficult problem of infant nutrition. Challenges may be two reasons. First, swallowing and sucking skills to be fully developed, the second, the digestive system weakness. Therefore, the premature baby's sucking, swallowing and oral feeding is objectionable unless you are sure the digestive capabilities.

Newborn baby food can be given only breast milk with sugar and water. 5 ml of feed before. 'Of milk starts. For this reason, within 24 hours of premature infants needs to be fed for at least twelve times. Usually through the nose into the stomach of a dropper or a baby is fed through the catheter. Necessarily need to be drops of milk for the child.

Baby, one-fifth of body weight is increased gradually until the weight ratio of nutrients until it wins. This period is usually 12-14 days. Baby when I found 2500 grams of breast feeding can be started. Apply to be regulated according to the development of the baby other food regime. Well cared for a premature infant birth weight can triple in the fifth month. Developmental differences and sometimes the third, and sometimes completely disappears in the fifth or sixth month.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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