Infants Food Selection

Dolls not only refuse to eat all the food in a food by accepting the other. Independent special food since it can give a person chosen by exhibiting its decision and nothing else. This, of course, naturally leads to the emergence of conflict in the relationship with parents.

Choice of food is usually a traumatic experience in nutrition of infants who underwent surgery or illness in infants suffering from or seen. In such a case, the baby is suppressed by negative past experiences and the resulting effect of the nutrient selection in question. These negative experiences by using the game on the baby's needs in a way.

Selecting the problem of infant nutrition should not be confused with post-traumatic feeding disorder. Food and nutrition of infants post-traumatic disorder that separates the user to select the baby's regular sleep, combative behavior or lack of inward-looking baby.

Children choose to eat

I just eat rice, all the rest refused to eat food that, on a six-month baby, I want to give an example. There was no problem other than the choice of dining. Young daughter to eat something else a great deal to convince parents, but could not get any results. Regarding the relationship established with the girls parents young parents stood out from the presence of a large difference in approach. Father, daughter tends to make everything you wanted, the mother was trying to become more authoritarian. This approach led to deterioration over time the difference in the relationship between the spouses. Due to differences in attitudes between them is a meal at home in order. In addition, they themselves are already eating at home in a particular scheme did not wish to be. Parents of an attempt to fit a layout of the flow had stopped completely giving up everything. However, the existence of an order consistent with the little girl needed a home. Does not want them at home, although parents also taking into account the needs of their children, had to take responsibility as adults to grow emotionally. Realize the need for parents and daughters in this direction is to streamline themselves to resolve their emotional problems as soon as possible provided. Girls lived in by eating only rice shows the layout of resistance, protest outside of the rice meant refusing all food. As is clearly seen in this example, infants / children is always a need for undesirable behaviors actually tells you. Problem behavior, as told by a need for interpretation of the solution also brings with it.

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