Pediatric Food Selection

Why do children choose to eat?

Liked and did not like the things that children like adults and have rights to express them. A child is not like tomatoes loving someone else. The child does not want to eat a food to be insisting on, always loving to eat food that may not provide for the child. In fact, the opposite usually happens. The child refuses to eat certain foods that the child does not mean that the problem of food selection.

Children Meal Selection

Young children in a certain period of time or permanent reduction in same thing wants to eat is usually a natural process that every child is living. Such a large response in the event if parents, by not patiently to pass this period, the child's appetite must be re-opened after a period of time, even in the past refused to eat even when things will start to eat. His response to the child's parents refused to rush a little bit of a sense of nutrient loading and respond to food over time causes it. Of course, you should leave the parents of all control children should not be removed as a result. Observing the child, the child reminded the presence of persistent alternatives without the child's selective attitude.

Chose to eat the child's parents before going on the issue becomes a problem, need to be sure. For example, a child nutrition and just plain pasta with a showing of continuity of this situation indicates the existence of the problem. Certain foods are stubborn, persistent and even the lives of children in general, considering that this attitude in other areas of their lives is remarkable. Children are not just about food, plate, fork or knife used to eat and even where it could be in a consistent attitude. The children themselves decide they want to wear a dress. Generally, any proposal from their parents tend to make a decision otherwise. If you have this kind of attitude in the entire life of the child then the child's food on the selectivity of reactive insists the child is another significant indicator that reflects the status of the emotion that should be considered.

Is the problem of authority in the family, lack of established rules in the home, the mother or father or both to be stressful to take control of the child at home may be directed to the authority. Able to control the behavior of the child, at home to deal with the emotions of the presence of boundaries is essential. Borders, where there is no authority, and behavior of children in the next step would be the consequences of restless. Control mother is the father, mother and father gave the same message at home, in a certain time to eat, families sat together to eat is usually temporary and easily overcome the problems related to eating.

Meals for children who choose two points in particular is worth attention. First of all, to choose to eat the child must be submitted to him to choose alternatives, if the child not eat food to offer him an alternative to both the child's confusion, but also reinforces the behavior. Is already cooked and eaten by other family members at home also suggested to make a choice between things. The second important point to note is if the child refuses to eat from the table up to a certain extent finished plate is insistent. Develop very quickly, especially in young children persist in a behavior. They persist in this war to force the child usually win. Here is such an obstinate, in fact, in a sense of parents, feeling the age of the child means to come down. The correct approach is not to be insistent and alternatives will be serving.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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