Immunisation and Vaccine Aids

I wonder how children respond to immunization with HIV infection? Is the immune response of these children are poor, more adverse reactions in them quickly immunosuppression due to HIV or advanced Is Is?

In HIV-seropositive children with vaccines other than BCG, or asymptomatic, no matter if the clinical cases did not increase the incidence of side effects. However, the immune response against live and inactivated vaccines, absolutely.

Live vaccines, though it is contraindicated in patients with immune problems, but DSÖ5, the areas with high risk of measles and poliomiyelit recommend the use of these vaccines, vaccines provide an advantage, with HIV infection in people, create negative effects of the disease is much higher. However, this poliomiyelit inactivated vaccine in people who clearly should be preferred, so that can accompany oral vaccine poliomiyelit danger of paralytic, is reduced.

However, according to WHO recommendations, BCG vaccine should not be made ​​active infection of the seropositive children. In patients with subclinical infection with BCG, tuberculosis can be done at any age if the risk is high
OPENING in the United States, seropositive cases of BCG, oral polio, influenza and pneumococcal vaccines, BCG and polio vaccines in clinical cases, we do not recommend making.

HLV-positive mother of a baby born in the implementation of the vaccine, the main factor to be taken into account, the child says that the virus across the state.

If the child is not infected, maternal antibodies after all vaccines, including BCG, can be done in accordance with known immunization programs. However, inactivated vaccines are available only to children with symptomatic or seropositive. BCG, is absolutely contraindicated, whereas non-immune problem, asymptomatic, seropositive children, other live vaccines (measles, rubella, mumps, oral polio) may apply.

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