Skull trauma in children

Child's skull trauma - Trauma

Falls from skull injuries more than very young children (for example, the table) due to occur. Older children, the reasons are not hard at games, falling, etc.)..

Worrisome symptoms:

- The beat intensity
- Albeit temporary, fainting (coma state)
- Drowsiness with persistent headaches
- Thumbnail and movement disorders
- Strabismus and gaze change

Treatment needs to be done

This is very important to calm the child before, many times because I just had a great fear. It also can be added to an abnormal facial jaundice.
• Check not open the wound, wound, you do a simple compression dressing
• Call the doctor to find out what to do: If you have the slightest sign of a fracture, the child immediately to hospital for radiological examinations take it (all the skull fracture, not significant).

Children are generally called "surveillance" is kept in the hospital for a few days. This time Avoid bringing child into a situation very boring Caution: Avoid games aimed at children to keep tossing. Because of this vibration, the inner part of the children's eyes, leads to chafe at the bottom.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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