Pediatric cough whooping cough

Whooping Cough

Cough in Children
Inflammation of lung bronchus, even if mild, can cause bronchi secrete, which prevents air flow through better. This interference sometimes heard even from the outside, but it certainly will hear the doctor causes a cough, these secretions are normally removed and the result of the need for expulsion. Gives the child the opportunity to clean the air ways. Bronchi that clear in this respect and a soft cough cough should impede. Especially designed for adults, cough syrups, tablets and seals, may create great dangers for children.
However, some may be worrisome coughs. Many times the advice of a doctor and treatment is essential.

Unrelenting cough

This is a normal physiological event takes cut, especially at night, sleepless children, leaves, eventually becomes tiresome. In fact, this type of dry cough and sputum patients. Your doctor will reveal the reason why research and generally non-hazardous (mostly mild flu remains after). This cough is not serious on its own, at the end of a "tick" may remain.
0 Sudden bouts of coughing in a child with normal few minutes earlier, such as cough and choke to start, so the change in tone, can bring to mind the possibility of swallowing a foreign object and requires immediate medical intervention.

Recurrent night cough

Certain times of the year, with emerging or sneezing that is accompanied by a puff, especially when they are seen in a child with previously demonstrated allergic symptoms, the symptoms of asthma attack may be small.

Whooping cough

Initial, very characteristic: a series of intermittent cough, the patient, such as a cock vigil ends. In addition, cough is accompanied by vomiting and signs of infection. Thanks to vaccination, whooping cough, but no longer than the light passing today and indicate that a more accurate diagnosis. Just not yet been vaccinated status of newborn babies can be dangerous.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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