Cutting baby mother's milk

When cutting the baby in the mother's milk to be considered

To facilitate this transition time to breastfeed her baby normally other things. Together we can play the game. This is a fun way to spend the time to take place.

If the baby's life, such as tooth extraction or a change of carer if there is another change in the baby not live together for more than one change of weaning must be postponed.

Attention on other things also need to help the baby's father has.

Baby may start sucking his finger in the process of this change, or against an object such as a sort of blanket developing dependence may not want to separate from that special object. Parents act in the face of such a situation be patient. Baby, as his emotional resistance to change is to protect itself. Instead of trying to put someone else lost something. This new situation is working itself to fit the baby, thinking it would be appropriate to approach objects tolerate closeness can develop against.

Infant sleep problems and unrest during this period that you live. Baby's mother is emotionally strong and comfortable with their own feelings allows you to easily cope.

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