Pediatric fever in infants

Children with fever in infants

The majority of children's diseases, fever passes. Fire in addition to other symptoms, the diagnosis of medical help. In some cases, these signs are very clear: in some cases, but also some research to find the cause of the fire exit the wait or the need to apply.
A person at rest (20 minutes) at 37 ° C. The temperature of the normal anus. According to people that can play up or down half a degree.

Temperature is between 37.5 ° C and 38 ° C, there is a slight fever. Heat 38 ° C after passing, there is no longer a serious fever and consult a doctor.

New born baby and a child, never be left high fever. Because no matter what the reason of high fever (numerous times, is simple), the brain can make for dangerous situations (see p. 43): Sometimes patients may need to remove even the hospital. For this reason, many new-born babies to pass through 39 ° C heat.

Treatment needs to be done and

• Your doctor will recommend a dose, give the child a pain reliever.
• Do not cover Cover. Children to reduce fever, low fire for 2 to 3 ° C, do a warm bath. Wrap the damp laundry.
• All the children of poor physique, should be left uncovered. Do not blanket. On the contrary, as a lay naked on a bed sheet.
• Doctor, your patient to take the fire of the child in the morning and evening, will ask you to shout. But the moment you come out you guessed it, once again measure the fire. Make a note of caution signs at the time of the fires and the rise of this type.

Use a medical grade thermometer. Fever, rectal, or under the seat can be taken by mouth. Breech is usually preferred in children. Because children can break the thermometer in his mouth or under his arm.
An antiseptic wipe the thermometer before use, then that light, children's injuries.

Fire the child rest for 10 minutes before measuring. Then I invested the side or on the stomach, bend your knees slightly. Anal thermometer should be left more than a period of less than a minute, then carefully shout fire can be, the advice of a doctor should be expected.

by: Health Nurse Care Plan

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