Vaccination and cancer Vaccine

Both virus and bacterial infections in patients with cancer is more common in particular. This is because the disease itself, and also directly in the cellular immunity following chemotherapy or radiation problems.

Active vaccination in patients with cancer or terminal stage of cancer already, but can not be considered to be stabilized, or improved cases, vaccination can be made ​​into remission.

Attenuated live vaccine of any immunosuppressive treatment in cancer patients, especially those who breach the application, whereas polysaccharide vaccines are killed or inactivated vaccines and toxoids, is generally well tolerated.

If the vaccine is required to provide the greatest possible effect, vaccines, should be applied before any immunosuppressive therapy.

Usually flowers or measles vaccines, including cancer patients after administration of live attenuated vaccines, fatal complications have been reported. BCG vaccine for cancer patients does not create a significant hazard. Already this vaccine is usually used in oncology. Systemic disease is extremely rare.

Varicella complications and mortality, is higher in children with immune problems. The reason for this intra-vascular coagulation common with major virus invasion, encephalitis, from time to time in the form of interstitial or superinfection, mortality, according to statistics, between 8-50%.

Japanese scientists since 1970, leukemia or malignant tumors and anticancer chemotherapy in children with seronegative OKA strain, attenuated live varicella vaccine is applied. Vaccination or immunosuppressive therapy, or made ​​a remission period, a week before a vaccination is given one week after the interim between. This vaccine is safe and fully vaccinated children was provided by seroconversion rate of 98-100%.

influenza, tetanus, and pneumococcal vaccines are inactivated poliomiyelit such as vaccines, cancer patients should be used freely. Typhoid vaccine can not be tolerated in the good, should not be applied in cancer patients.

Rabies vaccine in cancer patients, regardless of the degree of damage to animal bites, and it certainly should be, must be accompanied or specific.

Malignant tumors of the patients improved with chemotherapy or surgery in sight, without any need for special prevention must be vaccinated. However, vaccine, surgery or radiotherapy should be applied and that side done.

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