Allergy Vaccination and immunity

SCLAFER2 for the first time in France, allergic persons vaccinated in 1957, proposed and identified the principles of tolerance testing. Then in 1962, and THEROND MAND '!, For use in children with allergic, antiviral vaccine similar to the pre-vaccination testing techniques have developed tolerance. Their method, the method is close to SCLAFER.

Since then more and more vaccines are made ​​in pure and contains only the immunogen, and allergic reactions in people allergic side effects after vaccination is extremely reduced. Reaction of facing the danger of vaccine is required, however, be reduced, each of the vaccine and what are the components of the cultural environment that may cause allergic reactions, should be determined accurately. With this feature, or chicken embryos containing antibiotic produced (influenza, mumps, measles, yellow fever) is valid for vaccines because the egg allergy, a well-known phenomenon. There are no vaccines, penicillin used today in France. Some vaccines immeasurable amounts of trace amounts of streptomycin, kanamycin or neomycin or available.

No contraindication to the vaccine in people who had lost the validity of the rule form of allergic, various research projects, and also confirmed Upon the vaccines produced more and more pure. The doctor, a normal vaccination scheme, if only in some rare cases, to delay or stop the fall.

Vaccination of a person may have hazards such as allergic what?

After the test of tolerance among people with Free many vaccines, alone or in combination can be applied in the form.

Flower vaccine in children with eczema were suggested to lead to complications. In fact, they are not allergic complication of vaccination with the spread of systemic vamlinia.

Rarely does an allergic reaction to the BCG vaccine. Sometimes a skin rash can be seen 4-8 weeks after vaccination. The reason for this, a reaction that develops in response to the body of the bacillus.

Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis vaccines, allergic reactions in some allergic people who alone or in combination was noted after their introduction. These are usually major local inflammatory conditions such as asthma or in the form of systemic reactions.
Allergic reaction to diphtheria toxoid, is almost always seen in adults, and for an earlier related.

Tetanus vaccine, rarely does an allergic reaction, only among people with Hyperimmune, continuing for several days, heavy type, Arthus phenomenon can cause a local reaction. To prevent this type of reactions, the extension of boosters, for example, they made ​​every 10 years, is sufficient.

* What is oral, parenteral, nor poliomiyelit vaccine is known to cause allergic diseases.
* Embryonic vaccines prepared in eggs only if it is contraindicated in people who are allergic to eggs true.
* Typhoid-paratyphoid vaccine among people with allergies need not apply.

Free People measures to be taken

* Free a nobody, the active period of the disease.
* The vaccine, can create a danger to anyone allergic to absolutely make sure it does not contain any known antibiotic.
* Free one sensibility, pre-consider using a diluted solution of the vaccine.
* The story of personal or family history of allergies in children may develop severe complications after pertussis vaccine. These are the most, anaphylactic type. According to some of these factors depends on made ​​sensitive to histamine.
* In the culture of human diploid cells, rubella and rabies vaccines do not cause allergic problems.
* Standard immunoglobulin can be seen sometimes urticaria after injection of immune globulin fraction, not the preservative is present due to the.
In addition, all vaccines, allergic edema, or local skin reactions can do with the controversial structure, is known.


The current vaccines are not dangerous though, but when it comes to people allergic to some common measures should be taken:

1. An allergic child, should not be vaccinated during an acute illness, for which a remission, the relative stabilization or improvement should be expected.
2. Vaccine. That may be dangerous for anyone allergic to any antibiotics such as penicillin or streptomycin should be sure that it does not contain.
3. In cases of severe allergy antihistamine should be given to a patient on immunization and 10 days it.
4. Sensitivity of the individual vaccines except BCG vaccine, diluted by 5 percent per thousand in phenol saline solution to prepare a vaccine to be tested in advance.
The following tables are used by THEROND MAND and tolerance tests, and outlines the dangers of allergic immunization.

Adsorbed vaccines tolerance tests of the vaccine, regardless of their structure, sometimes that may occur depending on the specific reactions not be given due importance as a reminder of intradermal. This rule DTCOQ, lmovax pertussis, and DT-VAX vaccines Tetavax applies to. Both tolerance test should be done as well as subcutaneous immunization.

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