Milk Give newborn baby

Making the baby milk, baby milk to export

Well prepared to pregnancy, labor and birth did you learn to help your doctor understand what happened. Now you mother. Puppy in the world than many weak creature, but your baby will grow all along with your care.

It is important to your child's good nutrition. Here in this section we will talk about nutrition issues.

Mother's milk is the best food for children, do not think anyone's suspicion. In spite of everything, "beslesem with my baby mama can not you?» Said, encounters with many parents. Please use a more precise one thing that shouts, so the advancement of medical science, despite the development of the technique does not mind to take people to the moon, the mother of a nutrient that can hold the exact location of göğüslerindeki milk could not be done yet.

When there is such a unique nutritional material ready to go to a doctor, "I do not want to give my child the breast, how can feed?» The doctor said, if you're a mother, what would you respond? Now let's briefly mentioned to you the features of mother's milk which is very important:

1 - Breast milk is clean, that is, until you buy 5-10 changed the water into the container and other materials exist.
2 - Mother's milk fresh.
3 - Breast milk is free of charge.
4 - Mother's milk protects babies against many diseases, there are things. Indeed, the first months, breastfed children are very low morbidity rate. As for cow's or sheep's milk, but maybe there are these substances in them, according to their human offspring hazırlanmadığı the final.
5 - There is no such thing as preparation of breast milk. Preparation Mamasın the night would not be easy at all.
6 - Mother's milk to the baby has all the necessary ingredients.
7 - will be a rapprochement between you and the child during breastfeeding, baby you'll catch on, even you will recognize your lap.
8 - nipple shield while nursing your baby in the womb adalesi kasılacak neural signals, the uterus and pregnancy in this way will return more quickly to its previous state.

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