What is Social Phobia and Anxiety

Signs and Symptoms of Social Phobia?

Treat social phobia, fear of being called a mockery of others. Simple phobia, agoraphobia, or less often seen. There are three basic and three associated symptoms of social phobia.

Basic symptoms:

1. Investigation and the fear of exposure to the gaze of others.
2. To study life in fear of being teased or criticized others' cases.
3. The concern is basically to act as the fear of embarrassment in front of others.

Related symptoms:

1. Zorlandığınızda you to study the conditions of others, that you are worried shrink from hissedileceğinden.
2. Worry, concern for a negative effect on performance, behavior or increases in dose.
3. Although there is a significant cause in the end you will always worry.

Diagnostic Criteria for Social Phobia, Anxiety Disease

Be in a persistent and irrational fear of certain conditions, which are;
Embarrassing to you and others to study carefully the conditions to davranabileceğiniz.

Be in the above-mentioned conditions, there is a strong desire to avoid.
There is no reason and a sense of fear and stress resulting from extreme to know that.
There is another mental disorder.

What is Phobia Treatment of Disorders?

There are four basic views for the treatment of phobic disorders.
These are: (a) psychotherapy, (b) behavior therapy, (c) drugs and (d) supportive therapy.

Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy, your doctor will help identify the root causes of phobia and will analyze them for you. It must be remembered that psychological factors in the treatment of phobic disorders, but this way you will be an effective treatment is open-marine. If you are not clear, defined and analyzed, then the inner turmoil sürdürürsünüz to show symptoms of phobia.

Behavior Therapy: Recently, this view of behavior that affect and change the techniques were very effective. One of these techniques to correct the covers hassasiyetinizi against phobia. Objects one by one that is causing you or your doctor phobia conditions will reliably. First of all, what is causing symptoms, at least to start, and it will encounter a pleasant image. This is pretty strong emotions can trigger anxiety. Your doctor may apply to short-term sedatives and simple muscle relaxation techniques can apply to teach the phobic situation you encounter. Once we get experienced something of this phobia, the most severe symptoms, your doctor will lead to at least open the correct phobia symptoms açandan road will continue to egsersizlerine image. Another successful technique of behavior therapy, phobia or something that causes the subject or the way his image is no longer afraid to show up açmayana.

Behavioral therapy is used for simple phobia and agoraphobia very social, but you must not forget that the results of this method varies from person to person.

Drugs: Especially for agoraphobia your doctor may recommend an antidepressant. Thumbnail of concern to only temporarily be offered various drugs. Thumbnail durulursa worry, easier to solve other problems.

Supportive therapy: doctors, family or friends are supportive behavior, and reduce the symptoms will be more effective than other treatment methods. Let's not forget why so many fear, the fear that you will become more intense. Supportive therapy will allow the formation of a certain sense of confidence that you can cope korkularınızla period.

The conditions are cause for concern, regardless of the angle of view captures a positive life, doing regular exercise and relaxation techniques like meditation can be controlled by following symptoms.

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