Monthly baby 10-11-12 Nutrition Development

10 Months, 11 Months and 12 Months Baby's Nutrition and Development Quarterly

Day after day, the winner of force and very little time left to enter the age of one yavrunuzun rioting. Chicken and fish meat can give your baby this month. Especially while the freshness of fish must be very careful. Residents of the beach without even knowing it may very well stale fish. If this is child yedirilirse fish, poisoning can occur in the mentioned symptoms. Is spelled out in the freshness of the fish have to be careful. In addition, both the chicken, fish and meat thoroughly haşlamadan Never give your child. However, during these months in the child lean beef and lamb meat can be prepared meatballs.

11 Months and 12 Months Infant Nutrition, Baby Menu

This month, the children alıştırıImalıdır rough foods. A few days to fill the remaining years of age your child is no longer any need you to strain vegetables pürelerini. Vegetables only be crushed to be more suitable.

Boiled carrots, biscuits, biting her piece of bread to eat foods such as whether the child's hands during these months to teach a more insistent. Even if the child can toast at breakfast. Also, what you eat you should start to give him slowly.

If you come late, the days of the child to make them more difficult to eat hard things. Studies have revealed an interesting fact about this: Child, mother, food hardness too, because of the difficulty of administration produces hardness of shape.

Patiently for your child behaves well, the result certainly will be more successful if you show her smiling face. In addition, your child should take into consideration the requests. 6 months of age with a piece of bread into the hands of her own self tutuşturduğunuz the first step in eating artırmıştınız. These days, a child by the age yaklaştığına are no longer the owner about it quite a few experiments.

You put food into his mouth with his hand in front of you wants to take the child not get weird. This behavior completely right.

Eating food with a spoon: Children gradually learn to use a spoon. Children's first days, certainly starting to eat baby food spoon a portion of maman dökecektir ortalığa. Nice to see that this is necessary. Feedin the child to eat something easily washable dress, a large tarp spread under dining chair, get a great job a little easier to wear uniforms. Döktükçe food in her left and right have no inflammation.

Young mothers!

Perhaps this advice yadırgadığınız you never think that we have random. We both know that all this dayanabilmenizin easy. But most of them to do the right thing to tell us you, you also need to follow exactly what was said. Even against these moves across the screen around you, even ...

Self-starting to eat some food or the sight of this beloved children ardent for work immediately begins to eat away his hand. However, many are not eager for another mama. In such cases, the mother of seven-RIR engages the child's food. In fact, you made ​​this mistake to choose to eat your child will start to renew in the future. Now children in later years in no way forced baby food into his mouth koymayacaktır yedirdiğiniz.

Approaching the age of your child's meal times and a list can be edited as follows:


• Eggs
• Milk,
• Bread can be toasted.
• Butter,
• Jam,
• Honey.


• Meat, fish, brain, liver-piece may be in the form of meat or meat-,
• Bread,
• Vegetables,
• Rice, pasta,
• Soup,
• Milk, yogurt.
• Fruit, stewed, pudding, custard.

Afternoon tea

• Milk, juice,
• Biscuits, cookies,
• Fried bread, butter, cheese, jam.

Evening Lunches

Everything you can give to your baby at lunch at dinner. Only months later leave with meat dishes, help the child sleep at night constitutes a more comfortable sleep.

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